Friday, October 08, 2010

Two weeks and no sewing...

Must be some kind of record for me. I haven't been sick. Not very anyway. Just still having to lay low with the allergies, but they are improving everyday that we move away from the harvesting that has taken place around our house. I love living in the middle of farm land, but the harvest- and the spraying- are not my most favorite parts. Beautiful and kind of exciting to see the fields cleared, though.

Oh, I guess I did play some with those puzzle balls, but that's it. OK by me. I have been entertaining myself just fine. Whodathunk?

Hmm... so what have I been up to? Can't rightly recollect! I have been reading some. After two years on a particular medicine that completely scrambled my brain and made my attention span equal to that of a hyperactive flea, it feels so good to be off it and onto another one which, so far, seems much more friendly. So I have lots of reading to catch up on and I have been doing just that. Oh nothing too deep, just dime novels, but I am giddy to be able to do that! I have been cooking more(the c's- cookies, casseroles and cupcakes!) and having the children help me organize some. Months of stashing things willy nilly does catch up with you, eventually. Time to rotate and reevaluate storage. Coming up with some exciting new plans. Things must be bad when you are excited about cleaning out cupboards, huh?

The same quilt has been setting in the quilting frame for the last two weeks. I think it might be responsible for my downward spiril into allergyworld. At least the catalist. Must have been one dusty top- circa 1930. It is gorgeous and I am two passes from finishing it, just happy to see it there for now. Looking forward to showing it to you. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A rather disappointing finish...
Bekah looks like I feel. No, she isn't pouting. That's the look she gets when she is concentrating. The bottom lip juts out and is too adorable not to snap a picture of. I surprised her, can you tell?

Now, I am pouting. I had such a glorious time sewing these little puzzle balls for my friends- flying up on the wings of anticipation, only to fall to earth with a thud. You'll notice that something is missing. They're rather flat, aren't they? I figured that I would make the balls and then buy the stuffing for them. Jenny Beyer recommends the cotton stuffing as it compacts better into a harder ball. None to be found locally. No problem as that is what the internet is for, right? Shopping. I found cotton stuffing at a wide range of locations- even some organic stuffing, which is what I preferred. It runs an average of $8.50 a lb. A price I was willing to pay. I needed 3 lbs. so $25 and my heart would be happy. Figured $8 for shipping. Nope. $16!! Really? I mean, are you kidding me? $16?? So the poor little balls will have to remain uninflated until I can justify spending $40 to stuff them! Think that will ever happen? I think not. I should have know Jenny would get me into trouble. And I'm kinda addicted to sewing them. Really wanted to try some of the more complicated balls now that I have my friends covered. Kinda takes the bloom off the rose. And to think, I was actually hand sewing! Oh the injustice of it! Waa! Somebody call the "waa-mbulance!"