Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jacob's Feast...
This is Jacob. He is 17 and quite a character. In the best sort of way. Jacob is very sociable. He is just as comfortable with an 8 month old as he is with an 80 year old. He isn't gabby, but he likes to visit with people. Talking, listening, and laughing. Jacob is an avid outdoorsman. He is going cold weather hiking and camping, next week. Without a tent. He has a survivalist mentality. If stranded on a desert island, I am pretty sure he would take another person with him- to visit with and eventually use as a food source. He is very creative but in a 3-diminsional sort of way. This is one of the knives he made. Jacob is one of the best songleaders I have ever seen- and no, I am not prejudice;) Coffee is a passion of his and he would someday like to open his own coffee shop. Oh I just love him to peices!
Jacob's feast had a waffle house theme. He had orange wedges and assorted muffins for his appetizer. Blueberry, lemon poppyseed, apple cinnamon, and banana walnut. He had two drinks- orange juice and Jones Soda. His main course was dinner waffles made with sausage and cheddar cheese served with sausage gravy and hash browns. He then had dessert waffles that you could stuff with vanilla ctream and the fruit of your choice. Strawberries, cherry, blueberries. And of course whipped cream for the top. His gift to the other children was the waffle maker that he made all the waffles with. I never saw so many children so miserably full!
That ends our feast season. We had such a grand time. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Life is like that...
you have to keep your eye on the gorgeous, good things and not get caught up in the telephone wires.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Abe's feast...
This is our "little man." He is 7 years old and a bundle of energy. He flies from one task to the next, forgetting where he was and where he is going. It really is comical. "Abe, weren't you getting yourself a drink?" "Oh yeah, right!" Nothing gets in his way. He is always looking on the sunny side of life. He doesn't blubber over disappointments. Just shrugs his shoulders and says these things happen. Abe is a great problem solver. He likes to figure things out and has his own unique way of looking at a problem. "Mom, I'm not so sure Heaven is gonna to be that great of a place." Now why would he say that? "Cause all of the people there have to wear those round things on their heads to keep the sun out of their eyes." Obviously he's seen a picture with folks wearing halos... that's Abe!
His feast really tickled my funny bone. His theme was... wait for it...worms. Yep, worms. I giggled all over the place when he told me that one. His brothers and sisters were gonna love it! So he wanted roots hanging all over the place and on the table- which we made out of twisted brown packing paper. He wouldn't even let me iron the table cloth- 'cause that's more like dirt. And it wasn't a problem that the table cloth didn't cover the entire tabletop, because dirt is brown like the wood of the table... See what I mean? Nothing flaps him. When he said he wanted pineapple for an appetizer, I asked him what that had to do with worms..."It's just an idea, Mom." Then he served spaghetti- of course, and he twisted breadsticks up like worms, also. He had punch for his drink and then, finally, for dessert he made rice krispy treats with gummy worms climbing out of them. His gift was those long twisty balloons- 'cause they look like worms, ya know.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

My View...

Lots of ice and some snow mixed in. I still can't figure out how it is ice instead of snow when it is 18 degrees outside. Weird. We had a couple days of that and now- mixed with the snow- we have several inches of ice on the ground- and on the windows. I guess that makes knowing what the weather is like easy to guess- icey. It took Bill four hours to get the car up and running. There was a lake of ice down in the dash and had to be all thawed and chipped away.

We had to postpone Abe's feast. Weather permitting, it will be tomorrow. There is talk of more snow, though. Silly weather. The kids are enjoying it. They don't usually get to sled because it is just too flat around here. But the ice makes it a whole lot of fun to make a semi-running start and jumping on a "sled" and sliding across the ice. John has even done some wind surfing. The "semi-running" because it is near impossible to stand upright on all that ice. Eva and Boo have a fair number of bruises on their... more delicate parts. The sun is shining today and that is such a welcome change.

Wherever you are, whatever the weather, I hope you are happy, warm and well.