Wednesday, April 11, 2012

See?  15 year olds really can get sleepy... just not at night so much

only a guy...
Wednesday Whine of the week...

My kids have been home and some still remain... so really, I've nothing to whine about.  Well, now that I think of it... just kidding.

I like how John is color-co-ordinated with his blanket.  He fell asleep, studying.  Apparently, he forgot to drink his coffee that day. 

Will was on his way to the store and I made a last minute addition to the grocery list.  Chocolate chips.  So he brings home 10 bags.  Ten bags!  He's perfectly aware of how many bags it takes to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  And so there is no doubt, there's something on his mind.  Now, if I had only remembered to have him pick up butter...

Saturday, April 07, 2012


There's family and there's family.  Very grateful that I have a large and extensive family.  The house is bursting at the seams and there's always room for one more.  Lots of laughter and cooking going on.  Going for walks and playing games. 

Made this quilt for Sam and Ashley- a newly married couple.  Actually, the wedding was in October- better late than never.  They moved away a while back, but I'm thinking I might be able to lure them in for a visit by dangling this quilt... Oh, I could mail it, but where would be the fun in that?

We took my great-nephews to the farm fest and the cow and the Pygmy goats were a big hit.
whoa... milk comes from cows?  that's just freaky

Couldn't resist posting a picture of a toilet two posts in a row... Had to explain to Isaac that one never, ever looks down in the outhouse.  ever.  Take your chances with spiders and snakes, but the other...stuff...down there... Well, it's a sure thing.

hmmm...why is there a toilet seat over this hole?