Saturday, May 30, 2009

One proud Mama...
These sweet little children planted that whole garden full of sweet corn. A whole pound of seed. That's a lot, in case you were wondering. It took us a couple hours, but we got it done. The mop was our secret weapon- poked the holes with the handle so Mama didn't have to bend over so much. Oh, and they are showing off their pink hands. I'm sure my Dad knows why the seeds are pink... They had hot fudge brownie sundaes for lunch as a reward. The guys will put in the other plants and seeds.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I love playing with different settings. This isn't a very good picture- it was too windy to hold up and as you can see, I had to lay the quilt top on the ground and anchor it with some bricks! But you get the idea. These are my 12 batik sampler blocks put in a setting that makes a queen size quilt- with no huge borders! Cool, huh? The stars at the cornerstones were made with Eleanor Burns' triangle in a square ruler set. Way easy and love the end results.
I've been sewing on Joseph and Laurie's wedding quilt- just nipping away at it really. Need to have a baby quilt finished by next weekend. The first I've made in years. I'm using some bright feed sack fabric. Hope everyone is getting some sewing time in. (I am supposed to be gardening, but the farmer has yet to plow- he will in the next couple days, I'd guess.)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Spring wedding...

It's not much of a picture- the bright sunshine makes it fade out even more than it already is. yes, it is a pale quilt- especially for me. I wasn't sure what colors would appeal to the bride- I've never met her, but think this is neutral enough for just about anybody. It's done and ready for the wedding shower for tomorrow.

I finished the divisions of the Bible flash cards. I think they are going to be very handy. I had a blast doing them- but that doesn't mean I want to do them again any time soon- a lot of applique! Our son and soon to be new daughter are coming home tomorrow and we are all in an uproar- can hardly wait! They are bringing a couple friends, so we'll have a full house of fun! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just couldn't resist...
sharing this beautiful- and yes, orange- sign of Spring! The nights are still cool, but I think I will be able to get my garden in before too much longer.
I finished the Summer wedding quilt- shower is Saturday, so just in the nick of time. I am also making huge progress with the Fall wedding quilt and even moving some on next Spring's wedding quilt. I finished 17 divisions of the Bible flash cards- just need to mount them on F2F and they will be complete. Having a swell time, all in all. Now does anybody want to come and help me weed?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Little Projects...
fit in between big ones. I have been pressed with a couple big projects- full sized quilts for weddings this Summer and Fall, but here and there I have been working on some visual aids for the kids' Bible class. They are 10" squares. These are two divisions of the Bible: "In the Beginning" and "The Flood and a new beginning." When I finish them, there are 17 in all and I am done with 7, I plan on backing them with Fast2Fuse so that they will be rigid and we can hold them up for the kids to see.
I finished the top for the summer wedding- there will be pictures soon- as I bought a backing for it, today. I have to have it finished by the shower, next Saturday. The other wedding quilt is coming right along. 15 more blocks to sew up and they are pretty fast, made from 4-patches. I don't know if I can show it here or not. Southern eyes might be watching... but I am tickled with how it is turning out. Well, I'm going to head out to the quilting room and see about pinning a quilt on. Hope everyone is having a great week.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Rainy days...
Well, the rainy weather has kept us from getting the boys' room cleaned out. I have been making good use of the "free" time in the quilting room. These are a couple tablerunners that I've made for my "neighbors." They live a mile down the road, but neighbors just the same. I got a little winfall in 3" squares, from Sandy, and so they made quick work in these projects. How easy was that?
I am also working on a few different wedding quilts. Two for my son- I don't think he will be getting both of them, but I'm trying to finish them both so that I can decide what one I'll give to them. One is a dresden plate and the other is a batik sampler. The other is for a friend's son. Just a simple Jacob's ladder. The colors are a bit subtle- not like me at all, but neutral enough that they should suit anyone. Hope everyone is getting some sewing in on these rainy days!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I have a dream...
to once more be able to see the boys' bedroom floor. Do you think it's possible? I have my doubts and yet... I have a dream!!! I found this old picture in the archives and I guess it got me riled up! It was taken after a clean sweep! Last week, I went up there- can't remember why I so lightly took my life into my own hands... Maybe the fresh Spring air was inspiring me to get to the bottom of a very big problem. See, when we have company, I tell the boys to clean their room. Later, I ask, "Is your room clean?" and they say, "Almost." And that seems to be where we leave it. I guess ignorance is bliss. Last week, my dear sweet sister in law came with her two sons. The one is too young to sleep more than a door away from Mama and the older goes up to the boys room and stays- never fully appreciated what a brave boy he is. Or maybe just as oblivious as my boys seem to be. Anywho... I opened the door and was greeted by the smell of socks from five boys... nearly knocked me flat. Guys! You know, they never notice. And their bathroom- it was Joe's chore and he's been gone for two months- my oversight in not assigning a new chore to someone else, but you'd think some one would have noticed it. Nope. Not guys. They did, however, notice the clean stool. Yes, I caved and cleaned it. There was no way I could have slept that night knowing what was up there!
Tonight, they are having their bonfire and a high old time. Let them enjoy the moment for tomorrow is a day of reckoning. Any suggestions on decluttering- other than throwing it ALL away and starting fresh?- my idea.