Thursday, June 13, 2019


This isn't a very good picture of one of my favorite quilts.  It's really big.  I was fearful of sharing it as... well, I wouldn't want to infringe on any trademarks or that sort of thing.  I look at it as fan art and there's a whole lot of that out there.  Destiny is a video game that I got hooked on several years ago.  I'd get up early in the morning and watch about a half hour of my oldest son playing it before he went to work.  I'd pour myself a can of Diet Coke over ice and just watch- eyes watering because I hadn't figured out how to blink while watching, yet.  I've got that under control now.  It was just a lot of fun to watch.  Eventually, I started playing but I'm really bad at it.  It's more fun watching some one who knows what he's doing.  Unfortunately, the game is a point of contention between us now.  I still love it but my sons are mad at the makers- something about it being too expensive to play.  So I now have a memory quilt of the good old days. 

I'm not sure when it occurred to me to make a quilt inspired by Destiny.  The graphics in the game are really pretty.  Lots of colors and shapes.  I hope you can see that in the quilt.  I designed this myself- and I used only my hand dyed fabrics. I started with one block- the "ghost" block- it's the second one from the left on the top row.  I mostly just wanted to see if I could figure out how to make it.  The angles and placement of colors.  Then it just took on a life of it's own. The more I made, the more I'd think, "Now, I can't leave so and so out."  Of course, the guys would weigh in and insist on other blocks.  Wish you could see the quilting- it's different in every block and really adds to the character of the more solid colors. Actually, only the black and white are truly solid.  (There's a lot of movement in hand dyed fabrics- at least, there is in mine. I wad up the fabrics after soaking them in the dye and put them in plastic bags and heat them either in the microwave or the sun- depending on the weather.  Some fabrics, I sprinkle dye powder on -and those I just lay flat or hang to dry- that's what makes the streaks of color.)  

I'm not sure what I'll ever do with this quilt.  It was hanging on the wall in the living room for a long while- we have 14 foot ceilings in there.  But now, there's a wall mounted TV in it's place.  People would always comment on it even if they didn't know about the video game.  I remember how much fun I had making it.  It still makes me smile.  Silly, I know.

Monday, June 10, 2019

L-R Rebekah, Evabeth, Nines and William
That was a very good day...

So we've been to a family reunion.  There were about 45 people this year.  We stay a week at different parks. North Bend State Park  We rented all of the cabins in the park so we had the place to ourselves. Of course, as usual, we ate a lot of food. We make a potluck, pitch in, get together of each dinner. So much food.  There are a lot of good cooks in the family. After dinner each evening, we did some singing and had a devotional led by each of the men.  This year the topic was the different roles in the family. William gave an excellent talk on raising children- something he's had a lot of experience with and of which he has done a wonderful job. OK, I helped some.

Bill took the young folks on a tour of a haunted railroad tunnel (abandoned).  They had to be there at midnight if they wanted to catch a glimpse of the "woman in white." They weren't disappointed when she didn't make an appearance.  There were lots of laughs and when Bill "disappeared" while walking in front of them and reappeared behind them- well, lets just say my kids aren't going to be caught by any ax murderers.  They can really run!

Blennerhassett Island
We made a day trip to Blennerhassett Island on the Ohio River.  If you're a history-phile you'd really enjoy it.  It included a boat ride on a stern wheel boat, a tour of the house, and a wagon ride(my favorite.) I've included a link in case you'd want to the take a peak. 

We snuck away from the reunion and spent the afternoon with Alan and his sweet wife, Barbara. This picture was taken by our friend Alan.  He performed our wedding ceremony 32 years ago. It's funny how years and miles can separate you but love crosses all distances and barriers. My children hadn't met them, but they all fell in love and now there are a few more people in the circle.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

 Now that's sexy...

A man putting up shelving.  Be still my heart!  I just mentioned that I feel crowded when I'm in the quilting room.  He comes home with shelves and tubs and mulch.  I might have mentioned I need some mulch.  What a man!  

First he came in with tubs- nice clear ones so that I can see the contents.  I chase him back outside whining that I don't have a place for more tubs.  He pulled the shelving off his truck.  But I don't have room for shelves... apparently, I do.  Aren't they great?  I'm working on weeding through things and organizing it all into the bins.  I only have about half of them filled and I feel like I can maintain that for a while.  My quilting room is a very happy space again. Thank you William!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

My girls...

They've always been artists.  When they were little, William bought a van that was primer grey.  He couldn't have that, so he bought a lot of paint and let the kids, with their cousins, paint away.  I like a guy who doesn't take himself too seriously. We had everything from Star Wars to butterflies. People would actually pull out their phones and snap pictures of it.  I miss that van. This second picture is on their birthday standing in front of the art supplies.  They were a little giddy.  I know I've said it a hundred times, but I love them so much!  But then again, what mother doesn't love her children?  Don't say it.  I shudder to think.

They really are best friends.  They laugh and cry together- though I'm happy to say that when one is crying the other usually has a level head and talks the her down. They are very different in all the little details- one likes bold colors the other likes earth tones.  One likes to draw edgy pictures, the other sweet homey pictures.  Their tastes in music is different, but they tolerate the other's. They are closer than any sisters I know.  And I'd like to say, it isn't by accident.  I cultivated it and my relationship with my own sister was a cautionary tale. 

I wanted them to have what I've never had. I've always idolized the sister relationship.  I do have a sister, but we just never got along.  I've always felt she kept me at arms length. Not sure why.  The kind of relationship my daughters have has always been a dream of mine.  A friend who calls you when they have news to share.  Who you call when you need encouragement, advice or a kick in the pants.  Some one who you know you can count on no matter what. Some one who loves you no matter your differences. Two people who are involved in each other's lives.  They share.  But, alas, that didn't happen.  I have full confidence that my sister is a good person.  But I don't think she can offer me what I want.  And it's not really fair of me to expect that. And I don't think she needs anything from me. I don't have any ill will towards her- and that took years to cultivate.  I used to be so mad at her.  I'm not any more. I've just accepted that what I want and what she wants are two different things.  Unfortunately, that leaves us with no relationship at all.  I haven't a clue what she likes or doesn't like.  What's going on in her life.  She's a stranger to me.  Sad, isn't it?

 I see her once every two years. In one and a half weeks, our family reunion takes place.  It lasts a week. I guess that's why I'm thinking about this.  It's always a mystery to me about what to say to her, this stranger.  Two people who are expected to know each other.  At the least, it's awkward. I easily offend her without meaning to.  I tend to tease a lot, but she doesn't get that.  I do have a sister in law and a dear family friend who I am very close to.  We're sisters and I have with them what I really need.  I tease them.  They tease me.  We lean on each other when the times are rough.  I know what's going on with them and we talk a lot whether we see each other or not.  We laugh. So I don't feel sorry for myself because I have what I've always wanted- just not with the person I wanted. I ask myself if it matters? 

(If you've read this far... Maybe you realize that this blog is really just a journal.  Me, making a record of quilts I've made.  Life I've lived.  Working through problems and successes.  Pictures of things I don't want to forget.  I don't expect an audience and perhaps that's a very good thing.  What must you think of me?  I'm just like everyone else, living a complicated life- yep, like everyone else.)

Friday, May 17, 2019

Red and White...

I've been working on and off on this quilt for... at least 7 years.  My friend, Sandy, made the little redwork dolls on her embroidery machine.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them but I loved them.  There is a little boy and a little girl for each month of the year. (This one is June bride.)  I love anything that is reminiscent of the 30-40's.  The blocks are relatively small so I sashed them in a solid red. Then began the search for white and red fabrics- and red and white fabrics. Don't you like fabric shopping with a project in mind?  I collected fat quarters from all over the country- as far away as Oregon. Then I decided on a stack the deck design and started in on those scrappy crazy quilt looking blocks.  Put them together with the dolls... something was missing.  With me, it tends to be busy is better.  Up to a point.  It seems a lot of modern quilts have mixtures of same scale fabrics and they look really muddy.  I can't figure out what's the point to all that cutting and sewing if it's just going to look like a single fabric. I used to make quite a few "word" quilts and when I found this little poem by George Ellis representing all 12 months, I knew I had to incorporate it into the quilt. That process took a while.  I'd put them away and drag them out periodically, but it definitely was the longest part of the quilt.  Overall, I'm very happy with it.  It was taking me so long to make that I told Eva(20y) that she could have it as a wedding quilt.  But it looks like I got it done ahead of schedule.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

I'm a couple days behind on the Mother's Day wagon.  But I love looking at old pictures of my crew.  Seeing how they have grown and the changes that have taken place.  The oldest four are married and between them they have 10 children. The three youngest are wonderful people.  None of them are children any more. But they will always be my "little ones." Could this mother be more blessed?   

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Baby Samuel...

He arrived on his due date.  They plan on coming home, today.  Gabriel will be glad to have his Mommy and Daddy back where they belong. He's been teething and is pretty miserable besides them being gone.  Poor little thing.  

I've not gotten much quilting done- no surprise there.  Hopefully things will settle down in the next week or so.  I do have a quilt on the frame... just waiting.