Friday, July 30, 2010

Cake done...
seems like a lot of weddings, lately... must be getting to be that age- where my nephews and nieces and sons and daughters of friends are falling in love and getting married. All my children are still too young... well, mostly. giggle. I know I'm too young!
This wedding cake I made for my neice Bethany and her beloved Travis. They are a lovely couple. The wedding will be a very simple one with just a punch and cake reception. I made an extra sheet cake- just in case. Wouldn't it be sad if we ran out of cake? And no sniggering about the orange flowers- the bride actually picked that color as an accent to her green. I think it a lovely combo- of course. The groom loves strawberry cake, so the top two layers are strawberry and the bottom two layers are yellow. I just used a boxed strawberry cake mix and added 1/2 cup of strawberry freezer jam to each mix. Yummo. Very moist. The yellow cakes I added 1/2 cup of mayonaise. The icing is buttercream/almond and my blood sugar says it's pretty tasty, too. Everything is ready and now we rest. Tomorrow is the big day.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


No complaints. This heat wave just seems to go on and on. Hoping for a break pretty soon. Um... Isn't that wallhanging adorable? Made by my dear Aunt Isobel. For me! Woohoo! It kinda came around the mountain to get here, but it finally came into my possession, today. Right now, it is hanging in my quilting room- right over the ironing board where we can all enjoy a silly giggle when we are laboring away in the heat. Not that I iron my clothes, much. In this climate, I figure they will steam out- right on my body.
My neice, Audry, made this very sweet quilt- sorry the pic is out of focus. Trying to get a couple teenagers to stand still for more than a second- not so easy. She did a great job of quilting it, too. Simple loopyloops and in record time. My Mom shies away from the quilting machine, but Audry took to it like a duck to water. Like Nines to a fan. Like kids to a water hose. Like Bill to a cold Mt. Dew... Hope everyone is staying cool.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Helper...

Dontcha just wish you had a happy helper like mine? She is such a joy to work with- full of happy chatter and nonsense. She faithfully sits by my side as I sew blocks together- string sewing at it's best. She snips them apart and has them in a neat pile, ready to be pressed. And then, get this, she presses. Loves to press. Well who am I to deprive her of such joy? Giggle. While I am topping off my diet coke- which she has fetched for me- she is happily pressing in the correct direction even. So cool.
Right now, we are playing with some log cabin blocks. Here are some of the colors we are using- just strips from the 2" bin. Nothing matching. Completely scrappy. I think we are going to make some 300 flying geese blocks and set them like E. Sloppy in her 40 Fabulous quick cut quilts book. Maybe. I am not the biggest fan of making flying geese- no matter how nifty the newer methods claim to be. But I might get serious about it and buckle down and do it- as I do like how they look.
Got a wedding cake to make. Nothing fancy. But still... a lot of people are counting on me to geterdone. So starting no later than Tuesday next week, I'll be in bakery mode. Something ironic about a diabetic baking and icing a wedding cake...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My favorite...
The Singer 301 is my favorite machine. I say that in hushed tones as I wouldn't want any other of my beloved machines to overhear and thus become discouraged and opt out of running when I want it to. I have lots of sewing machines, new ones and old ones. I like the old ones best- they do what they were made to do. Nothing more, nothing less. And who could ask for more than that? They sew a nice straight line when you ask them to. Yes, I have a featherweight- which I hold in deep affection, but it has a belt and a gear driven machine is just so much more powerful. Faster sewing, ya know. I have several "new" machines with which I have yet to get closely acquainted. These things, relationships, take time and it seems that the older I get the less time I have... perhaps, just perhaps, I am moving slower. But this 301 is my standby. She is faithful and true and has never given me a day's worry. I have sewn many, many quilts on it and plan, Lord willing, to sew many more in the future. Speaking of which... I'm off to the sewing room. Just talking about sewing gets me all fidgety.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer days...
We are enjoying our summer. Just flying by. The boys have been to two different camps and have had a great time. I really miss them when they are gone. I know the remaining kids miss the help with the chores! I have my two neices with us for the week. I will need to think of something special to do with them. Hmmmm.... Any suggestions? Audrey has a quilt- a small one- she needs to have quilted. Other than that... we'll see. Hannah and I have a summer cold- more a nuisance than anything else. sniff.
Had to turn down an offer for corn for the freezer. 'Bout broke my heart, but the tiny freezer we have is full of cherries and strawberries. So, I suppose a new freezer is on order for us. A nice BIG one. Our last one- which was ancient- died with 26 chickens and who know how many quarts of corn in it. A very sad day indeed. Teach ya not to get too attached to the perishable- even when you have a lot of hard work invested in them. Joe was so sweet- he threw it all away for me so I wouldn't have to do it. So now, a BIG, NEW chest freezer is on my wish list. If someone offers me some cucumbers, I'll take them up on that, as I can make pickles from them and I do have room on the shelf. sniff.
I haven't been sewing much as my quilting room doubles as extra guest space. But I got the room all squared away, today, and even spent some time sewing 3" flannel blocks together. Not sure where they will end up, but it is a nice mindless job, and hey, mindless is good. sniff.
Hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, July 16, 2010

My sis...

the over achiever. Is it really "over-achieving" when you are so talented that you can do anything? These are petite-fours- round ones, with little butterflies dancing on top of them. Made by my sister for a picnic on the ground after the wedding rehearsal. There were boxed dinners- with chicken salad croisssants, a spring mix salad, chips, grapes and then these lovely cakes. All packaged in these elegant boxes with the happy couple's names, the wedding date and a daisy. Amazing. She missed her calling as a caterer. My sister, Laurie, can and does do everything. Right now she is sitting on my couch sewing tiny hexagons together to make a Grandmother's flower garden quilt. After she swept the three main rooms downstairs. See? Practical and artistic. She's a one-woman-wonder and I'm glad she's my sister.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Asian Inspired...

Most people don't know that I have a thing for Asian fabrics. (Thought I only preferred Batiks, didn't ya?) I prefer the earthier tones, but I even like the ones with bling. I guess, truth be told, that I like all fabrics when the mood strikes me. Just depends. I like the geometric designs and the clear, crisp outlines. I made a table runner from these fat quarters. Do I have a picture of it? Nope, because the boys have taken it and use it as a staging area for their coffee addiction. I'll get it washed up and take a picture of it later. Promise.

On other news... I just returned from a very short visit to West Virginia, where I was raised. My nephew and his bride decided to get married at my folks farm. I think I have a picture...isn't that a lovely setting? The wedding was like most- lovely in it's own way.
Now, I have my two neices and my oldest son and his sweet wife and my Sis-in-law, Lisa and my nephew here for the week- maybe a little longer for the neices. That may sound like a house full- especially when my other sis-in-law visits with her children... but it doesn't seem too crowded. The joy of an old farmhouse. A place for everybody. My neices and daughter and son had a knife sharpening party. Only in this house would the girls all have knives in the purses and enjoy a leisurely morning of whet-stoning. We're all having a fun week of just everyday things. Went out to eat with the girls and watched a movie and then today, we made a thrift shop run. Found some jean skirts and some tops to go with. Don't really have any other plans. I am sure that Joe will be requesting Chinese- hoping his wife can overcome her severe allegies to Indiana- the corn is tassling. Zyrtec might help.
So... I haven't been sewing or quilting much. Wonder why? Distracted I guess.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

  1. The week with Lisa here just flew by. I had a stress test on Monday- thought I did rather well. Still no word, yet, but I expect no problems.
  2. Then we took the kids swimming at Sandy's pool. They had a blast, even with the weather turning unseasonably cool.
  3. I stitched a few hand towels for Lisa. I feel guilty saying I had anything to do with it as that machine drives all by itself.
  4. We had a girls' night out and ate Mexican and watched the new Twilight movie.
  5. The cousins came by for a visit a couple times- since they are in town for a month or so. Amaneta likes to style the girls' hair and I found the sweetest little boy sleeping in my bed. Andrew is a very darlin two. He loves all things cars.
  6. The boys enjoyed their week at camp. They came home nicely tanned.
  7. I got a little wallhanging mosty done and a couple small things quilted- still need to bind. Story of my quiting life!
  8. No plans for fire works. Paul made a homemade smoke bomb- I didn't ask how and he didn't volunteer. The kids think it is all rather fun.