Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Process...
I love this part of quilting, don't you? What? you're not a quilter and you're reading this blog? Well, bless your heart! About all I ever talk about is quilts! That's the whole point of this blog, even if I get sidetracked from time to time. OK, maybe oftener that I ought. What am I talking about when I mention "the process?" Well I am sure there are as many processes as their are quilters. No two do it alike. We like to be individuals, we quilters. And I even change my own process of construction when I feel in the mood to do so. I get bored doing things the same ole way all the time.

This quilt called for me to be more organized than I usually tend to be. Yes, I know I am probably shocking you when I say I lack organization;-). Most of the time I just fly by the seat of my pants. You know, grab some fabric, cut some fabric, sew some fabric. Done. In this case, I grabbed a whole lot of fabric and made way more sub-units than I needed- Sandy will get the extra as she is planning on making this quilt, also. This allows for lots of variety. And a scrappy quilt calls for a lot of variety, dontcha think? First there was a gazillion four patches, and then a gatrillion HSTs. Sewn into a bajillion flying geese. All nestled lovingly into their own designated box. Light stars, dark stars...stars inside of stars... Now all the sub-sewing is almost done and I can start to see the quilt come together. Oh how I love seeing that- knowing it will look even better once the blocks are sewn together.

You know, if it were just the finished project that thrills my heart, I could probably buy them already made- for cheaper. I love the grabbing and the cutting and the sewing. And watching the whole project evolve into that special, one of a kind, quilt.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Feelin' Groovy...

Just finished this polyester quilt from the 70's. Still need to put the binding on. This quilt got me all nostalgic- so many fun designs and bright! Wow are some of them bright. It will make a wonderful snuggle up quilt with a higher loft batting in it. Just seemed to go together. There are 7 more of similiar quilts to do for a friend. I just meandered it- what would be the point of trying to compete with those bright fabrics? But how fun is that? I think it's a great thing that he salvaged them from the rubbish bin. Truly. I just adore a good utility quilt. Got one? Why don't you post it so we can all see?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday night and I'm all alone...

Bet you thought that would never happen. Everyone else had somewhere to be and I was... happy to stay home!

Here are a few little projects I've been working on. The blue Stack The Deck is just something I was puttering around with- makes a cute baby quilt. Well, I am playing with a scrappy quilt- my favorite. Love putting together all kinds of colors and patterns and seeing how it all works out in the end. This is only about half of the fabrics that I will be using.The red quilt belongs to my Mom and I just finished the quilting, today. Something accomplished. woohoo!

Now I have a few hours to play some more. I'm off to enjoy the quiet while I can. If you believe that, then you don't really know me! I'll wander around this big ole farm house, dithering over the quiet and wishing for at least some of the typical chaos. Guess I'll have to crank the stereo and sew in spite of the lack of interruptions!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring happenings...

I finished this Pineapple blossom floppy, of Bonnie's design, several years ago, and I finally had the opportunity to get it finished. It is a bright quilt that is quite cheery. I had fun quilting it with my "hearts' afire" pattern- also known as heart burn! Oh, it's a cinch to quilt- just flames with the occasional double heart thrown in. The binding is made from scraps of other bindings- getting to be a signature move of mine. I kinda like using up the little remnants of leftover quilt binding instead of letting them languish in a drawer. I suppose I could use them as strips, but then I would have to un-iron them and that just goes against the grain.

Next, is a picture of my lovely new countertop in my new dining room. Hubby did good, did he not? I wanted this in here so that when we have big meals(OK most meals fall in this catagory!) or parties, we could just set the hot dishes on the counter as a buffet. We still need to seal it, but it is coming along nicely. Bill has to retreive our scaffolding from a friend in order to finish the drywall, and then I will be able to paint and finish the wood floor. Darcie gave me a wallhanging and we have been using the earthy colors of her hand dyed fabrics as a palette for our painting- terracotta and strange pinkish peach color(which I love!) in the kitchen and then it will be rusty red and khaki in the dining room. The ceiling will have to be blue, however. Just cause I can.

I am feeling somewhat better as I have been on an antibiotic for a couple days for the sinus infection and double ear infection I was struggling with. I hate to take more meds than I am already taking, but sometimes ya gotta give in and bite the bullet. Or the Z pack as the case may be. So I am hoping to be able to smell and taste food soon. The weather has moved to the chilly side and I am going to rescue a few lilac blooms for the table. Not that I can smell them, but they sure are pretty.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Interesting or not...

I was getting tired of looking at that sad post. How about you? I haven't much interesting to say- do I ever? I have quilted a couple quilts, but haven't gotten the pictures uploaded. I love the big bobbins that go in the long arm- especially with the Madeira thread. It seems to last forever. How pleasant. I have been busy doing crafty things- and not so crafty things, like laundry and cooking. I have a nasty headcold that has translated itself into a sinus infection. Seeing the dr. in a couple days, maybe he will be helpful. Smelling and tasting would be a novel thing at this point. They are plowing up the prairie- corn, this year. Must really be Spring. I am sure the dust is not going to be kind to my stressed sinuses. Bummer. The little ones and I are planning on a walk this evening- most Tuesday evenings we are on our own. The older boys and Sweet William have plans- not together, just a coincidence that it is usually every Tuesday night. Hope everyone has a good week.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

My Uncle Greg...

passed away last night. Such a loss. He made this quilt for me and I slept under it last night. He was a very talented man. Each block in this quilt contains fabric that he painted and stamped, himself. There are over 50 pieces of fabric per block. I have something really wonderful to remember him by. Something that is so quintessentially Uncle Greg. He'll be missed. But his gifted talent will go on... maybe that is one of the subconscious reasons we quilt? Something of us will live on when we're gone.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Spring is in the air...

Happy Easter!! This is a picture of a coyote that son Jacob took. He was just a few feet away from her den, in a big hollow tree. She had her pups to protect and didn't seem inclined to bother with even a growl. Jacob assured me that he had wittled down an impromptu spear... only Jacob. But new coyote puppies are a sign of Spring, I figure. They leave us alone- they have plenty of prairie of their own.

We are having a cookout for lunch tomorrow. Sounded better to me than ham. It is called hamburger... right?

I have been quilting and sewing up a storm. Should have spent more time cleaning, but the kids assured me that they had it covered. Who am I to question such reassurances? They had a list and everything and seemed to know what they were about. It is what it is. Maybe the potato salad and baked beans will distract family and friends from the dust on the windowsills... It could happen.