Saturday, April 03, 2010

Spring is in the air...

Happy Easter!! This is a picture of a coyote that son Jacob took. He was just a few feet away from her den, in a big hollow tree. She had her pups to protect and didn't seem inclined to bother with even a growl. Jacob assured me that he had wittled down an impromptu spear... only Jacob. But new coyote puppies are a sign of Spring, I figure. They leave us alone- they have plenty of prairie of their own.

We are having a cookout for lunch tomorrow. Sounded better to me than ham. It is called hamburger... right?

I have been quilting and sewing up a storm. Should have spent more time cleaning, but the kids assured me that they had it covered. Who am I to question such reassurances? They had a list and everything and seemed to know what they were about. It is what it is. Maybe the potato salad and baked beans will distract family and friends from the dust on the windowsills... It could happen.


Cathi said...

It is Easter must have dust bunnies!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Hamburgers sound better to me too! And that picture is awesome. I would have been so scared, but it is good.

Sarah N. said...

I am having a HUGE brain cramp this morning. Remember the nine patches I made with the scraps from all Maddie's home made dresses? I had a plan for them. The pattern was in a book. Seems like the other blocks were a solid block and a rail fence block. Can't find the book! Seems like you or your mom made one (somewhat recently) like it and I said I needed to get a copy of the pattern from you. I think you said your mom had the book it was in. Is this ringing any bells??

Love you!

I think blogger is trying to tall me something - the word verification word is "silly" !