Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1970 orange and gold

feather border

feathery meander
Keeping an open mind...

As usual, I've been busy.  In a good, non-stressful kinda way.  Which is probably not usual.  More's the pity.

This quilt was made by my friend Jane's mom.  Yep, from a Hirschner's catalog back in the 1970's.  Jane didn't think she liked it.  Might have been a little too... orange. Of course, it's orange so I gotta love it.  I talked her into quilting it.  That really wasn't hard.  She's the one who made the decision to hand quilt it- because all of that applique is by hand.  I get that.  But and however, the quilt has been sitting in a closet for 40 years... is it really something you want to put that kind of time and commitment into? I didn't voice my reservations and, somewhat predictably, it didn't take long and she was handing me the quilt- after ripping out some of her handiwork.  Turns out she doesn't particularly care for hand quilting.  Well, you never know until you try.

So I lived with the quilt for some time.  Maybe too much, but you remember the wedding dress and the wedding, right?  I was distracted. But now, it's quilted.  She'd putting on the binding and I think she'd liking it.  Even if it is orange and gold.  Ya gotta keep an open mind.