Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1970 orange and gold

feather border

feathery meander
Keeping an open mind...

As usual, I've been busy.  In a good, non-stressful kinda way.  Which is probably not usual.  More's the pity.

This quilt was made by my friend Jane's mom.  Yep, from a Hirschner's catalog back in the 1970's.  Jane didn't think she liked it.  Might have been a little too... orange. Of course, it's orange so I gotta love it.  I talked her into quilting it.  That really wasn't hard.  She's the one who made the decision to hand quilt it- because all of that applique is by hand.  I get that.  But and however, the quilt has been sitting in a closet for 40 years... is it really something you want to put that kind of time and commitment into? I didn't voice my reservations and, somewhat predictably, it didn't take long and she was handing me the quilt- after ripping out some of her handiwork.  Turns out she doesn't particularly care for hand quilting.  Well, you never know until you try.

So I lived with the quilt for some time.  Maybe too much, but you remember the wedding dress and the wedding, right?  I was distracted. But now, it's quilted.  She'd putting on the binding and I think she'd liking it.  Even if it is orange and gold.  Ya gotta keep an open mind. 


Sarah said...

Have you become the feather queen now? I have been quilting a queen size quilt and two king size quilts for one lady for Christmas gifts. She made them for her daughters or maybe a DIL. She wanted straight lines and I told her no can do! She thought the usual meandering would look too girly - even though the quilts are for girls! So we compromised with wavy lines. So that means I quilt all the lines in one direction and then have to flip the quilt and do the other direction. Almost done with the third quilt - hoping to finish today.

Isaac and Joey requested blankets for Christmas - I thought they meant fleece blankets - I was wrong! So I am whipping up three quick lap size quilts - because of course Ian couldn't be left out. Isaac requested Green Bay Packers, Joey's has WW2 fighter planes, and Ian's is the New York Giants.

If it gets too cold up there - come on down for a visit!

Love you!

Pamela (Peni) Teel said...

Beautiful quilting, Nina. Very nice.

Lynn Dykstra said...

You did a wonderful job quilting it--transformed the piece.
I loved that catalog--my mother would get it and I would page through it over and over.