Monday, December 13, 2010

Hold that thought...

This time of year has always been very special to me. A time to share with my sweet children. We bake. We listen to carols. We craft. We curl up under quilts- yes to stay warm, but it's a way to be close, too. A joyful frenzy. Feast days are celebrated with so much thoughtfulness and anticipation. Each child shining like the stars that they are. A time to really appreciate our many blessing, especially of each other. Just being together.

In some ways, this year is no different than past years. We are counting our blessings. Maybe more so. We are spending simple times together- a whole afternoon styling barbie hair, coloring pictures, no baking- but the "spice cake" candle makes us think that we are. The lights twinkle just as brightly. The snow is lovely- perfect for this time of year.

But we've made the decision to "hold that thought." A gentle abiding is in the air. Festivities will come. Celebrations will be renewed. But for now, it is enough to enjoy the snow, the quiet, the peace of the season.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Bunny Stew...
It was amazing. He is a great hunter and an even better cook. You'll notice the weapon is orange tipped- that means it isn't real. It's the latest thing in plastic pellet guns and he shot the bunny in the cellar after a mad dash ala Peter Rabbit and Mr. MacGregor. All that's just logistics after you add taters, onions and carrots! Simmered in a cast iron dutch oven... wow.