Wednesday, April 13, 2011

new cupboards...

There are certain perks to having a husband in the home improvement business. Of course a lot of the time, it's rather like the plumber with the clogged drains and leaky faucet, but when he comes through it's especially nice. Will got a bargain on these oak cupboards. He was disappointed that the ones on the end weren't the same size, but I have really low standards. I think they look just fine. And it leaves a little headroom to put my vintage sewing box.

Sandy was the one with the brilliant idea to hang cupboards on my wall in the quilting room. She's full of brilliant ideas. And an organizational wizard. Me? While I'm pretty good at getting rid of things and letting them go, the getting around to it is a challenge. I have no real inspiration on new ways of looking at the same old space. She's one of the most orderly people I know. Not my forte. I seem to work best in chaos, but I suppose there's such a thing as too much of a good thing. I like neat as well as the next person, I just really hate to stop what I'm doing to achieve that neatness. And a blank canvas can be ... well, a bit of an inspirational downer. Kinda overwhelming, I suppose. The whole, "now what?" feeling. And I'd hate to get all that neatness and orderliness messed up. 'Cause I know it won't be returning to its former state any time soon. Neurotic, I know. But I never claimed sanity as one of my stronger character qualities.

Sandy then helped me sort through all the boxes of cast offs other people had passed onto me. See? I hadn't gotten around to it- didn't even know what was in those boxes. While I may find much of it unsuitable for my needs, I'm also happy to help those people incapable of letting things go unless they imagine those things are in a safe and loving environment. I have no such emotional attachments. Or if I do, they don't last long. There comes a point when blessings can become burdens and its important to know when that point has come. Otherwise you'll end up on that TV show about people who are being buried alive by their stuff. Of course, none of those poor people think they have a problem. And we all have problems we're blind to.

Sandy and I organized my projects. I just hadn't bothered with putting them in a specific place. That would have taken time. So now all the projects are in their own bins. Yes, two bins. But honestly, don't you ever just get tired of working on the same thing, day after day? I know I do. I don't know how people start and finish a project all in one long stretch. The thought simultaneous exhausts and bores me. I love the thrill of starting something and finishing it. The middle part? Well, I enjoy the process, but it doesn't have the same excitement, does it? And finding these stowed projects brings back all the old feelings of anticipation I originally had. Always new and exciting. I like that.

Maybe I should cover that quilt on the frame with a sheet- that way it will seem new when I uncover it. It's a thought. Ah, the games we play. It's been sitting there for a shameful amount of time. Really shameful. Good thing it's one of mine, huh? I could unzipper it and try something else. Nah, I'll get to it when my muse returns. You can see how close I am to the end. The thrill of finishing it is right in front of me. Still ain't feelin' it. Love the quilt, though. The antique blocks were given to me by someone who needed to give them a good home. So glad some one knew when their blessing/burden ratio had been reached!