Saturday, February 28, 2009


Sandy's sampler, that is. She is doing a BOM for the ladies of her local crafting circle. I just had to get in on the fun. This is their second month, but I get going on something and it's hard to stop. Poor Sandy having to come up with all twelve blocks in two months. But I sure did have a fun time of it! Can ya tell? I'm not sure how I'll set them, yet. More of the fun.

The little ones are like a litter of puppies- they just pile together. You can tell they really are sick, poor babies. Bill took them to the dr, last night and... it seems that Eva has strep and the others have ear infections. So antibiotics were started- their first time ever and WOW! what a difference. They are jabbering and feeling so much better. That's a relief as I don't know how much more of their doldrums I could have endured- when the kids aren't happy, Mama ain't happy! They are on the mend now, though. They love that blanket- my Minkee Blankee. Soft doesn't begin to describe it and I put extra high loft batting in it so it is super warm. It's a perk that they get to use it when they are sick.

Friday, February 27, 2009

A better day...
Poor little Eva is down and out with the 'flu. She is so miserable. On the day I took this picture she was as happy as a clam in chowder. This is the "new" machine that Bill bought me for valentines. Eva just loves it. Like her Mom, she sews almost every day. Crumb blocks and doll pillows, even a little free motion quilting.
I have been trying to get all of my BOM projects caught up/finished. I still have the Thangles BOM to do, but then I'm done. Having fun just playing in between dosing the kids with Tylenol or Motrin.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We just don't have enough poetry in our lives...

Do we? Poetry is like the music of the soul. It lifts us up and moves us in ways that are just a mystery. This collection is wonderful for the soul. Our son, Paul, was named after this particular poet and I just know that you all would enjoy his writing. So I thought I'd let you all in on a great deal.

PICTURES IN POETRY, VOLUME II -- highly recommended!
Hot off the press and worth twice the price! I've included a small excerpt from the book at the end of this post. It seems to fit me and my life right now.


Mail your request with $10.00 to cover book and postage to:


While supplies last, Paul will include a complimentary copy of Volume I with your order for this new book. If it is convenient to do so, you might include a mailing label with your request - to save his dear (81-yr old) fingers some writing/typing.:)

Excerpt from The Drama of Life:
Act II — Middle Age

About the time I think I'm free
A sense of duty comes to me
And I begin to separate, to
Balance out my wants
And needs and dreams;
Gold and silver bring no cure,
Temporal things become less sure,
The past and present flee away
As some distant, future light
More brightly beams.

~PJ Casebolt

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cabinets up!
Well, mostly. There are still a few things to tweak, but I've got a good idea of what it will look like when he's all finished. That's Bill doing his Vanna White impersonation. I thought I was only getting bottom cupboards, but he surprised me with the top ones. Can you imagine how much extra cupboard room I'll have? Whoopie! This end of the dining room opens right into the kitchen, so it will be quite convenient. These are recycled cabinets, and are really just in fine condition- all oak. The pulls need updating, but how easy is that? I am so excited!! Won't be long and I'll be able to paint. Weird, but I am actually considering white. I know, boring, but think how bright and cheery it will be! Maybe I'll paint the ceiling blue...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Something cheery...
Finished the quilt for my Mom. I thought about making her wait until she was here...but where's the fun in that? I am very happy with how it turned out- wish you could see it closer up. For those of you that don't know, my folks live in a barn- lots of wood. I think this will look so nice on their bed. It is pretty much one room, so they'll be able to enjoy is from everywhere!
We are still getting used to having Joe gone. Abe wanted an envelope this morning so he could send Joe a cough drop. I think we all have moments like that- thinking to get this or that for Joe- only to realize he's not around anymore! He called yesterday to say that he passed his physical and will start his new job come Monday. We are all excited for him- he gets to wear a hardhat and the kids are thinking that is pretty cool.
I quilted a Grandmother's Flower Garden(72"x72"), yesterday. I found it in an antique shop and it has a few issues, but overall, a nice quilt. I have to bind it still and that will be a big job. I did cut some of the edges off into straight lines- instead of all those hexagons. But it is still zigzaggy. I just did a medium small meander on it, with cotton batting. It should wash up really nice and soft. Keepin' busy.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things are moving fast..

As fast as that little red car probably goes- but Mama doesn't want to think about that! Joe just got a job down in Alabama, so he is leaving... tomorrow!! Not a lot of notice, but we are so thankful that things have worked out this way. I've been a little weepy, but I think that is perfectly natural- considering the circumstances. I'm gonna miss him. We'll all miss him, but we are so happy for him finding a great job(welding) considering the economic situation. I am working on some dresden plates mixed with an irish chain for their wedding quilt. Keeping busy.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Congrats and Best Wishes!!!
My son, Joe, asked his sweetheart, Laurie, to be his wife, yesterday. She said, "Of course." So I get a new daughter- a sweeter one I couldn't imagine. Yes, I have already started on the wedding quilt! Some one commented on how young they look... my sis, Lisa, says that's because we're so old! Well, you certainly start to feel that way when the kids start leavin home and hitchin up! Couldn't be happier for them.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Nibble...
I finished Mom's quilt- only, I have to wait for daylight and a couple strong boys to hold it up for me- then it will be picture-taking time. That thing is a monster! A very long queen size. I told Mom it looks very nice on my bed. She was so sweet, she asked if it needed to stay there. No way. Once I decide where a quilt is going, I cut all emotional ties. I'm funny that way. If I am making a quilt without anyone in mind, than I have a hard time letting go. I had a lot of fun with this one. My pebbles are supposed to be berries, can ya tell? No where near as good as Darcie, but one has to practice. And practice makes...well, better, anyway!
Did everyone have a good Valentines? I was in the store on Saturday and you never saw so many pathetic fellas searching the shelves for the obligatory gift! It was down right funny. My honey brought me home a Singer 609- a sweet little machine that does the straight stitch and only the straight stitch. (it runs smoothly and will be a good machine for Eva. There is a speed switch on it- that is always nice for the student seamstress. We have plans to make a skirt for summer.) He also bought me a set of cupboards for my dining room- I plan on having a wall of bottom cupboards with a countertop across them- so I'll have a huge buffet! No flowers or candy. But I LOVE my gifts!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Supposin' I should post...

I've been in a funk, lately. Just enduring the dreary weather- which has been wonderfully warm- 60* in February- whoda thunk? But it is rainy and dark- see? a flip side to the warmth. This little batic baby needs his borders put on, but I have been...well, funky. So no borders, yet. That's OK. I need to find a batik for a larger outerborder- the rest was from my stash- love using up stash, don't you? Not bad, only needing to buy an outer border. Sandy sent me home with lots of batik FQ and between the two of us, I had plenty. This is another quilt from Evelyn Sloppy's 40 Quick Cut Quilts. Of course, hers wasn't batik. Instead of sewing the borders on, I'm quilting the Thimbleberry Village that I made for my Mom. The poor dear. I have just been playing all around on that quilt- who knows how it will turn out? There are so many different elements- that means different places to doodle- that it is irresistable. So I am just experimenting on the different blocks. Could have done an all-over-rover... but decided to play around, instead. That's the beauty of quilting for your Mom- she thinks its all good. And who am I to argue with Mom? Hope everyone is having a fun week!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

String Happy...
I've been happily sewing along on these strings. I finished out the last three that I would need to finish the inside of this top. I ran out of strings- no kidding. I have a few left, but they are all brown and tan and I am looking for a little more...character. So I'll put this little project away and play with something else- until I get more strings made. This is the part of quilting that I love. No pressure, no guilt. Just me and my quilting room, surrounded by fun.
Quilt may rhyme with Guilt...
But I really don't think we should take that too seriously. I hear so many people talking about the guilt that goes with their quilting- don't you think we should just let that go? I mean, what's the point of that? Does the guilt make us better quilters- I doubt it. It may make us more prolific quilters. I guess that's not such a bad thing. But it sure takes the fun out of it. And quilting should be a joy. That stash should be a joy. You know you have something in mind to use every peice in there- or maybe you just loved a peice of fabric and someday you'll find a use for it. And it will be a joy to work with. I'm all fine and dandy with not buying more fabric than I already have- that is a fun sort of game, too. But feeling guilty that I have several unfinished projects in my stash? Nope. Feeling guilty that I have yards of gorgeous fabric in every color of the rainbow? I refuse. Maybe when I put them away, I was tired of looking at them and they weren't giving me the required amount of joy. That's OK. I have found that over the years, what didn't bring joy at the moment can sure brighten my day at a later time. Like a little lost treasure, found. And these little treasures will be a timely joy for someone else. How cool is that? If there is a started project that you just hate- repeatedly- than by all means pitch it, or give it to someone who will love it. But get out from under it! We can put the joy back in quilting. By now, maybe your started projects are feeling a bit wounded by your hard feelings. Go apologize and jump in there with both feet. Have a blast sewing and pressing and designing. Quilting=Joy.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Proof we've had some sunny weather...

See? Flowers are blooming in their own little patch of sunshine. This is another of the "Four plus One" patterns. Five FQ and you are set. It even finishes the little quilt with backing and binding. I don't applique much- I'm really bad at it, but I have been practicing some on my newer sewing machine and while I cannot imagine wanting to make an entire applique quilt, one block is rather fun. I used the same color thread on the whole block- a funky color that Thread Art sent to me in place of the back ordered cream. It's a nice golden color and matches the background fabric perfectly. I'm not to picky about thread- as long as it works.

Now ain't that a coincidence?
Here I am using an old phone book to make a string quilt and when I flipped a block over and look! Recycle, indeed. My blocks are shaping up to 7". I am really running to the bottom of the bag this time. I am determined to use every little morsel of string fabric! I'm not sure how I'll set them - I like them all alone. I need to check out Bonnie's amazing quiltville site. She always has loads of ideas.

Just because I can...

this was just too funny to pass up. Joe found a huge icecicle hanging off my quilting room roof. In between blizzards we had a little sunshine and warmer weather. Icecicle weather. And boys will be boys. We are under a winetr storm warning for the day and it is so gorgeously snowy out right now. You'd think I'd be tired of winter by now- it is Februaury- but no, I am hanging in there and still loving the snow- especially when it is newly fallen. Great sewing weather! Hope everyone has a great week! Snow or no snow.