Monday, August 31, 2009

Nothing quilty...
well, there is this quilt that I have about halfway assembled. But I have set it aside and will nibble away on it's borders as time allows.
School starts tomorrow. Actually, it started tonight with a fire arm safety "class" from Dad. We are using the Laura Ingalls Wilder books as a basis for a unit study(The Prairie Primer, by Margie Gray.) Pa went ahuntin' and so we get gun safety- which is always a good idea for children to respect fire arms.
I have breakfast planned- a rare treat, as I usually rely on bagels or cereal. But I'm thinking oatmeal and biscuits might be appreciated for waking them up earlier than usual. The weather has turned chilly and the mornings especially so. I have a fresh box of pencils- never have enough, it seems, and we are all excited. OK, the older boys are less so, but I'll give them a pep talk about their influence on the younger ones and I am sure we can wring some enthusiam out of them, too! I mean, they are out on the back forty target practicing- what could they possibly have to gripe about? It's the ideal boys' school. We'll be learning about Grizzly bears and eating pork rinds all in the first week!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fabric bowls...

So I have been fascinated by those fabric bowls for a while now. Saw someone make one and thought, "Yeah, I could so do that!" So I did. I bought the cheap clothes line from the dollar store and tore some old scraps of fabric into 1" pieces and twisted around the rope- made a coil and stitched together with a fat zigzag. How easy is that? They turn out neater if you cut the strips instead of tear, and use a little heavier rope, but I kinda like the ratty look. And you have to go clockwise if ya want a big bowl. Where's the trust? OK, if ya go counterclockwise you end up in the neck of the sewing machine and it's harder to tip the bowl once you get to a bigger size. Trust me. Oh go ahead and try it, you'll see what I'm talking about. They're a lot of fun!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

One Happy Tyke...

Abe is very happy with his newly finished quilt. I put an extra high loft batt in it, so it's nice and comfy.

I have been busy fighting a summer cold and doing some cleaning. Figure that if I'm sniffing from a cold I might as well be sniffing from allergies, too. Made sense at the time. So my room is clean to the roots(thanks to Sandy for her help- the girl can seriously clean- and she even rearranged furniture- it looks great!) and now I am concentrating on laundry. I have finally gotten a bit smart about it. Stopping before I am completely tuckered and am tempted to leave that last load in the dryer overnight. No more! So I've been stopping while I'm ahead of the game and getting everything folded and put away before bed time. So much more pleasant than waking to wrinkled laundry.

Our second son is getting ready to leave home. Tuesday will be his last day with us. He is anxious to get started on his new life. He is moving to Morgantown, West Virginia to begin another preacher training program. Sunday will be his last day with the church here. I am hoping that this will be easier than when our first son left. We've had more notice, that's for sure. That wasn't something I considered when I had them so close together(16 months)- that they'd be leaving home close together, too. Ah well, I'll be a pro at it before long.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Frames...
I realize it isn't exactly quilty, but blue and brown are coming up in a whole lot of quilts these days. Pardon the shiny nosy and the scraggly brows- I really need a powder and a wax. Sounds like I'm some kind of fancy automobile. I just wanted to share my new frames with you guys. They are bifocals- those gradual types and I am struggling to adjust to them, but I look pretty cute in these as I squint my way around, holding my head at all kinds of odd angles. Mostly still wearing the contacts with the reading glasses, as needed.
Not getting much done on the quilting front. I won't gripe about the heat 'cause I know there are a whole lot hotter places out there than Indiana. I'm just not feeling inspired. I'm sure the urge to cut apart perfectly good fabric and then sew it back together will befall me once again. For now... I'm waiting and getting a minimum of anything else done! How 'bout you?

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Another finish...

Couldn't resist quilting this little baby up. Just a simple meander did the job and then an easy binding of fabric that was already on the diagonal. A cinch. I should be unpacking and repacking bags, but I guess I needed a little down time- something other quilters can appreciate. Quilting and sewing relax me and I rarely feel stress by the whole process. Especially when things go well- and with this little 16x21" project- things went very well, dontcha think?

Friday, August 07, 2009

that's me landing back in Indiana. We had such a lovely time in Alabama, as we always do. My Mom and I had the honor and pleasure of making the bride's dress- such sweet memories that will be for us. It turned out just beautiful, if I do say so myself. Of course, Laurie would look beautiful in sackcloth, much less yards of satin and organza. Not a spot of lace and that is very her. I wish I could share pictures with you, but that will have to wait until after the big day. My Mom cried when she saw Laurie in the dress and they were tears of joy.
My sweet William and I are planning another trip to Alabama, this weekend. Joe and Laurie have an itty bitty little trailer that they will living in after the vows and it needs some tender loving care. Bill is switching out the hot water heater and I am hoping to get a coat or two of paint on the cupboards. I love how they are starting so humbly and are still so thankful of such small pleasures. They are just adorable. So next time you see me just ignore the white paint in my hair, I've been painting cupboards...

Monday, August 03, 2009

Wedding Tea...

Seems like they like their quilt. I am having a high ole time with family and friends making a wedding dress!