Monday, August 31, 2009

Nothing quilty...
well, there is this quilt that I have about halfway assembled. But I have set it aside and will nibble away on it's borders as time allows.
School starts tomorrow. Actually, it started tonight with a fire arm safety "class" from Dad. We are using the Laura Ingalls Wilder books as a basis for a unit study(The Prairie Primer, by Margie Gray.) Pa went ahuntin' and so we get gun safety- which is always a good idea for children to respect fire arms.
I have breakfast planned- a rare treat, as I usually rely on bagels or cereal. But I'm thinking oatmeal and biscuits might be appreciated for waking them up earlier than usual. The weather has turned chilly and the mornings especially so. I have a fresh box of pencils- never have enough, it seems, and we are all excited. OK, the older boys are less so, but I'll give them a pep talk about their influence on the younger ones and I am sure we can wring some enthusiam out of them, too! I mean, they are out on the back forty target practicing- what could they possibly have to gripe about? It's the ideal boys' school. We'll be learning about Grizzly bears and eating pork rinds all in the first week!


Chrissie said...

Hello, Nines! I am always blessed when I stop by and see your lovely handywork and read of your wonderful family! I love this quilt - it looks simple enough, but I was wondering if you have a did you come up with the color ideas, and how did you organize yourself to bring this together? It's little four squares put together, right? did you have this planned out on a computer, or just in your head? I'm sorry, but I have all this fabric, and am trying to use it wisely to make pretty things, and it just seems so hard for me! Thanks for taking the time to read my nonsense!
God bless you!

teelduo said...

oooh I'll take some pork rinds yum yum

Isobel said...

I might learn about the Grizzly bears but Lisa can have my pork rinds.
I am like Chrissie, I have lots of fabric but little sense of how to pick colors that would go well together and work with a particular pattern. I may be too old to learn.

Darcie said...

Oooh! Pretty pretty work-in-progress! I love the barn raising look of your setting.

Tons of hugs to you, sweet teacher! ;-)