Monday, July 16, 2012


New members of the family!

Two sweet boys were born into the family, this month.  I've two new, very handsome, great-nephews and I'm just pleased as punch- like I had anything remotely to do with it!  

Joshua looks so much like his daddy and grand daddy it's amazing!  I have yet to meet him as he lives in Florida.  My nieces(his aunties) are visiting next week... maybe I could talk them into a little kidnapping scheme... ya think his momma and daddy would notice?  Yeah, you're probably right.  But what's a great auntie to do?

My great-nephew, Asher, was born yesterday.  Isn't he just the juiciest thing?  We are keeping his two older brothers while mommy and daddy cuddle the new one.  I have to say that I am enjoying myself, intensely!  Bill says, "You're so good with children... maybe we shouldn't have stopped!"  Whoa cowboy!  Let's not get carried away!  And kinda funny the near surprise in his voice that I could hold my own with little ones- I did have a few of my own, ya know! But it's sweet to have little ones around the house, again.  Children, what a blessing!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Woohoo!  Finally!

Saturday, Already?

How did that happen?  The way of things, I suppose.  I had a good week. Got the pool set up, finally.  Will, my hero.  He worked so hard. The water was delivered, yesterday.  Of course the two youngest had to jump right in.  It was inexpressibly cold, but that didn't stop them from having a wonderful time. I put my feet in and between the cold water and the hot sunshine, it was very pleasant. As you can see, the pool sits on our back lot and is in the middle of pretty much nowhere. Just the breeze rustling in the corn to keep you campany.  And now the shouts and squeals of excited kids.  It's all good. I guess they stayed in almost two hours before the shivering and the chattering teeth sent them into the house. Funny how not having air conditioning isn't a big deal...

"that's what I'm talkin' about!"

The breakfast of champions... Bacon and freshly ground and brewed coffee.  Jacob is old-school.  He has an antique coffee grinder and insists it makes the best coffee.  And the bacon he got at work, where, who knows?  He might have been acquainted with the pig while it still stood on four feet. That guy loves his bacon. 


Lilly has a pool her own size.  Abe got her a pot of water to pour on the sand to make it easier to play in... it was no time at all before she dove into the pot.  And look how pleased she is with herself!  She is the older daughter of Jason and Lindsay B. and they came for dinner the other night.  We hadn't done that in a long time. So, you guys make the effort look up some old friends and have them over.  It's not as hard as you think and it's well worth the effort.

Isn't that a silly and fun quilt?  I have no idea of the name or designer.  I quilted it for Glenda J. and she did a wonderful job of sewing it up.  Can I just say, that is way, way too much applique for a simple girl like me.  To each her own.  I have a "Grandmother's Flower Garden" on the frame, now, and the red snappers made that a much easier job as the edges of that quilt has that uneven design of hexagons.

I'll hopefully, be quilting, wading, babysitting and sewing, today, with some cleaning and gardening thrown in there, somewhere.  Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Morning Folks!

Absolutely no sewing this past week.  Well, not absolutely no sewing.... I did piece a backing for a client... but I really don't think that should count. It ranks right up there with sewing curtains in my book- boring! Oh, and I mended a shirt for my nephew- a two inch tear.  Again, hardly noteworthy.  I have a more open week than usual and hope that the sewing machine will not be such a stranger. (Though, "open" is a comparative term.)  Nothing specific in mind, but I'm pretty sure something will come to mind, dontcha think?

We've been working, sweatily, on getting a pool set up.  Is "sweatily" a word?  Well, it certainly is accurate in this case.  Sandy gave us a pool and we have been trying to get it set up.  Three times we had to set the walls up.  I was beginning to feel some resentment towards Sandy as our laboring seemed to be in vain.  But we are finally reaching the end of the battle and I sure hope it'll be worth it!  The little children are extremely excited.  I think the big guys will be too, once it is set up.  Presently, they are traumatized by the amount of excruciating suffering involved. Truly an ordeal.

I walked into the house the other day and these two pairs of shoes just made me smile.  Mary Ann wears her boots just about everywhere and there they were plopped right next to Jacob's shoes.  I just thought the comparison was funny.  Jacob wears combat-styled boots most often, but for comfort, he says these can't be beat.  I don't think I want something between my toes, but everyone I've spoken with that owns a pair similar to these, agrees that they are extremely comfortable.

Well, the rooster is crowing and that garden won't hoe itself. Have a great day!  I'm plannin' on it!