Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Morning Folks!

Absolutely no sewing this past week.  Well, not absolutely no sewing.... I did piece a backing for a client... but I really don't think that should count. It ranks right up there with sewing curtains in my book- boring! Oh, and I mended a shirt for my nephew- a two inch tear.  Again, hardly noteworthy.  I have a more open week than usual and hope that the sewing machine will not be such a stranger. (Though, "open" is a comparative term.)  Nothing specific in mind, but I'm pretty sure something will come to mind, dontcha think?

We've been working, sweatily, on getting a pool set up.  Is "sweatily" a word?  Well, it certainly is accurate in this case.  Sandy gave us a pool and we have been trying to get it set up.  Three times we had to set the walls up.  I was beginning to feel some resentment towards Sandy as our laboring seemed to be in vain.  But we are finally reaching the end of the battle and I sure hope it'll be worth it!  The little children are extremely excited.  I think the big guys will be too, once it is set up.  Presently, they are traumatized by the amount of excruciating suffering involved. Truly an ordeal.

I walked into the house the other day and these two pairs of shoes just made me smile.  Mary Ann wears her boots just about everywhere and there they were plopped right next to Jacob's shoes.  I just thought the comparison was funny.  Jacob wears combat-styled boots most often, but for comfort, he says these can't be beat.  I don't think I want something between my toes, but everyone I've spoken with that owns a pair similar to these, agrees that they are extremely comfortable.

Well, the rooster is crowing and that garden won't hoe itself. Have a great day!  I'm plannin' on it!


Julie in the Barn said...

Been missing your posts. I know summertime is busytime around your place. I love your garden pictures. I too water early morning and late evening and by hand with my 2 gallon watering can. I have some pitiful peas and a host of lovely tomato plants with tons of blossoms but no tomatoes to speak of. Between the odd weather and too much shade, veggies are a real trial here at the Barn.

Isobel said...

Okay...better between his toes than mine. I did a bit of sewing this week...finished up the little project that should have been in the auction at the family reunion. I have a quilt on the frame for Joshua but am waiting for some tools I ordered for use with the quilting machine. They have been shipped. I figure...who cares...I didn't get the quilt done before the baby was done so what is a few more days. Pics on pleo....