Monday, February 03, 2014

L-R: Abe, Mary, Jacob, William, Kim, Paul, Nines, John, Dan, Eva, Bekah


Minus two.  Sigh.  The bigger our family grows, the more difficult it is for all of them to come together at the same time.  But I do enjoy any time that any of them are around and, while being all together is very nice, I'll be very happy and content whichever way the winds blow. The ones that are missing in body are certainly present in all our hearts!

Saturday, February 01, 2014


I got this wall hanging quilted and bound, this week.  Even have it on the living room wall.  I've been sick over the past could weeks- nothing but the dragging head cold that's been going around- and even though I have a baby quilt to quilt for a client... I figure that's best left until I'm feeling a bit more... more.  Boredom has been setting in and there comes a point where you just want to DO something.  But then, when you try, your knees start to shake and you're back to sitting on the couch.  Even though this is a small quilt, it took me two days to finish.  I did get adventurous in spite of my impaired mental clarity and put feathers in the setting triangles and outer border.  Notice how I didn't include a close-up?  Oh, it isn't bad- good enough for me.  Now, if I could only work up the inspiration to clean my bedroom...