Monday, July 16, 2012


New members of the family!

Two sweet boys were born into the family, this month.  I've two new, very handsome, great-nephews and I'm just pleased as punch- like I had anything remotely to do with it!  

Joshua looks so much like his daddy and grand daddy it's amazing!  I have yet to meet him as he lives in Florida.  My nieces(his aunties) are visiting next week... maybe I could talk them into a little kidnapping scheme... ya think his momma and daddy would notice?  Yeah, you're probably right.  But what's a great auntie to do?

My great-nephew, Asher, was born yesterday.  Isn't he just the juiciest thing?  We are keeping his two older brothers while mommy and daddy cuddle the new one.  I have to say that I am enjoying myself, intensely!  Bill says, "You're so good with children... maybe we shouldn't have stopped!"  Whoa cowboy!  Let's not get carried away!  And kinda funny the near surprise in his voice that I could hold my own with little ones- I did have a few of my own, ya know! But it's sweet to have little ones around the house, again.  Children, what a blessing!


Pamela (Peni) Teel said...

And don't they have lovely names?

Indeed, children are a blessing ... and grandchildren ... and great grandchildren. God is good.

Sarah said...

So cute!! So does this make #3 for Michael and Rosemary? My MIL saw Sarah and her husband last week. Apparently Sarah's SIL is the preacher's wife there in Little Rock. I think that was the story.

Maddie is at camp this week so it is pretty quiet around here! Some sewing, some napping, some reading. Next week we will head back to Nashville for our last visit before school starts.
And then we have a three day trip to Gatlinburg with all the Normans. Then we will have about two weeks at home before school starts.

Tonight is quilt guild - wish you were here to go with me!

Love you and miss you!

Isobel said...

Is there anything sweeter than a newborn?