Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer days...
We are enjoying our summer. Just flying by. The boys have been to two different camps and have had a great time. I really miss them when they are gone. I know the remaining kids miss the help with the chores! I have my two neices with us for the week. I will need to think of something special to do with them. Hmmmm.... Any suggestions? Audrey has a quilt- a small one- she needs to have quilted. Other than that... we'll see. Hannah and I have a summer cold- more a nuisance than anything else. sniff.
Had to turn down an offer for corn for the freezer. 'Bout broke my heart, but the tiny freezer we have is full of cherries and strawberries. So, I suppose a new freezer is on order for us. A nice BIG one. Our last one- which was ancient- died with 26 chickens and who know how many quarts of corn in it. A very sad day indeed. Teach ya not to get too attached to the perishable- even when you have a lot of hard work invested in them. Joe was so sweet- he threw it all away for me so I wouldn't have to do it. So now, a BIG, NEW chest freezer is on my wish list. If someone offers me some cucumbers, I'll take them up on that, as I can make pickles from them and I do have room on the shelf. sniff.
I haven't been sewing much as my quilting room doubles as extra guest space. But I got the room all squared away, today, and even spent some time sewing 3" flannel blocks together. Not sure where they will end up, but it is a nice mindless job, and hey, mindless is good. sniff.
Hope everyone has a great week!


Sarah N. said...

I got a twin size quilt quilted today. I am hoping to get a couple more quilted this week while Maddie is gone to camp. Need to go buy some more batting first - ugh - my wallet hurts already!

We have got three more weeks until school starts. Maddie will be at a new school this year - 6th and 7th graders. How did they get to be so old? Ian (and me!) are looking forward to having the same wonderful teacher this coming year. She is an EXCELLENT teacher and she grew up in Illinois!

Have fun with your company! Love you and miss you!

Peni said...

Sorry about the colds...sniff, sniff, sniff(sympathy sniffs). We're enjoying the newlyweds for a couple days - so there's no other agenda here. Turn Audrey loose with the quilting...she may not be as fearful of the big machine as I. :) XO

Isobel said...

Mindless is what I do best.