Friday, July 16, 2010

My sis...

the over achiever. Is it really "over-achieving" when you are so talented that you can do anything? These are petite-fours- round ones, with little butterflies dancing on top of them. Made by my sister for a picnic on the ground after the wedding rehearsal. There were boxed dinners- with chicken salad croisssants, a spring mix salad, chips, grapes and then these lovely cakes. All packaged in these elegant boxes with the happy couple's names, the wedding date and a daisy. Amazing. She missed her calling as a caterer. My sister, Laurie, can and does do everything. Right now she is sitting on my couch sewing tiny hexagons together to make a Grandmother's flower garden quilt. After she swept the three main rooms downstairs. See? Practical and artistic. She's a one-woman-wonder and I'm glad she's my sister.


Sarah N. said...

Are they really petit fores or were they cake balls like this link?
I have been wanting

to learn how to make petit fores! We have them a lot for baby and wedding showers down here in the south. I have made the cake balls several times - they look like adorable little cupcakes!

Hope you are having fun with your houseful of family! Maddie leaves tomorrow for Alabama FC camp and Ian and I have big plans to paint his bedroom.

Love you!

Peni said...

Your sis...I'm glad she's your sis, too. I'm so pleased with both of you!!! ...and glad you're getting a moment together.

Sarah, these were extras; there were many more "real" petit fores served as well; same color with same butterflies.

Darcie said...

Wow! Those are darling!

Glad you're enjoying some sisterly time together. ;-)

Love and hugs....