Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Asian Inspired...

Most people don't know that I have a thing for Asian fabrics. (Thought I only preferred Batiks, didn't ya?) I prefer the earthier tones, but I even like the ones with bling. I guess, truth be told, that I like all fabrics when the mood strikes me. Just depends. I like the geometric designs and the clear, crisp outlines. I made a table runner from these fat quarters. Do I have a picture of it? Nope, because the boys have taken it and use it as a staging area for their coffee addiction. I'll get it washed up and take a picture of it later. Promise.

On other news... I just returned from a very short visit to West Virginia, where I was raised. My nephew and his bride decided to get married at my folks farm. I think I have a picture...isn't that a lovely setting? The wedding was like most- lovely in it's own way.
Now, I have my two neices and my oldest son and his sweet wife and my Sis-in-law, Lisa and my nephew here for the week- maybe a little longer for the neices. That may sound like a house full- especially when my other sis-in-law visits with her children... but it doesn't seem too crowded. The joy of an old farmhouse. A place for everybody. My neices and daughter and son had a knife sharpening party. Only in this house would the girls all have knives in the purses and enjoy a leisurely morning of whet-stoning. We're all having a fun week of just everyday things. Went out to eat with the girls and watched a movie and then today, we made a thrift shop run. Found some jean skirts and some tops to go with. Don't really have any other plans. I am sure that Joe will be requesting Chinese- hoping his wife can overcome her severe allegies to Indiana- the corn is tassling. Zyrtec might help.
So... I haven't been sewing or quilting much. Wonder why? Distracted I guess.


Karen said...

I really like that piece of fabric in the lower right hand corner of the picture.

Peni said...

Glad to see the pictures of the kids...makes all this big empty space less empty somehow....Thanks for coming and bringing all that beautiful family with you! XOXOXOXO

Sarah N. said...

I thought you had disappeared!

Glad everyone had safe travels. I have had Ian home for the past week. Tomorrow we will meet on the north side of B-ham and get Maddie back. Then on Sunday, she will head off to camp. Ian and I are going to get his room painted while she is gone.

Love the asian fabrics! I love the turquoise and red together!

Love you and miss you!

Darcie said...

Ohmyheavens! That fabric is absolutely heavenly! I cannot wait to see the tablerunner. (You are SUCH a trusting mama.)

Love the wedding setting. Did your dad make the benches?

Love you heaps!