Sunday, July 04, 2010

  1. The week with Lisa here just flew by. I had a stress test on Monday- thought I did rather well. Still no word, yet, but I expect no problems.
  2. Then we took the kids swimming at Sandy's pool. They had a blast, even with the weather turning unseasonably cool.
  3. I stitched a few hand towels for Lisa. I feel guilty saying I had anything to do with it as that machine drives all by itself.
  4. We had a girls' night out and ate Mexican and watched the new Twilight movie.
  5. The cousins came by for a visit a couple times- since they are in town for a month or so. Amaneta likes to style the girls' hair and I found the sweetest little boy sleeping in my bed. Andrew is a very darlin two. He loves all things cars.
  6. The boys enjoyed their week at camp. They came home nicely tanned.
  7. I got a little wallhanging mosty done and a couple small things quilted- still need to bind. Story of my quiting life!
  8. No plans for fire works. Paul made a homemade smoke bomb- I didn't ask how and he didn't volunteer. The kids think it is all rather fun.


Peni said...

What beautiful children live and visit at your house! See you in a few days, Lord willing!!!

Sarah N. said...

The kids are adorable! How old are they?

We are having a couple of "Clean Sweeps" here of the kids closets and it has been reminding me of the time you guys did the boys room!

Miss you and love you!

julieQ said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Yep!....better not to know about the smoke bomb...

Darcie said...

Sounds and looks like you're having a full but delightful summer!

A babe sleeping. Is there anything more precious?

Happy week ahead to you, sweet Nines!