Saturday, June 26, 2010

Other than quilts...
Joe said he wanted to see something other than just quilts. I didn't get any family pictures taken this week- been kinda busy. Let's see... I have no recollection of just what I have been so busy at- other than quilting...
  • Made a cherry crisp. Served it over ice cream. I hear it was good. The diabetic in the house is trying to curb unneccesary sugar. What is neccessary sugar? I'm not sure, but I'll know it when I see it.
  • The bee balm is blooming. Some people don't care for the pungent smell they give out. I like it.
  • Abe is busy being a nut- as usual. This is an old picture from the spring, but it's still applicable.
  • The white cat's name is Tina Turner. Just because we can.
  • Took the girls to Sandy's on Friday and we had a pool party and tea party and slumber party. All in one night. I might be to old for all that partying.
  • Getting ready to send a couple of the boys off to camp. Lisa(sis in law) is here for the week. I am sure that we will be able to find something to get into. More partying. Just need to get through this stress test on Monday.

That's about the grand total of the excitement around here. Love you Joe and Dan!


Peni said...

I love you too, Joe and Dan! (Do you suppose they read the comments?

The cherry looks deeeee-lightful. Have a great week - Monday and all. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO(for Monday) Mama

Julie in the Barn said...

The bee balm is such a vibrant color. I don't think I've ever seen any around here. The only thing blooming at my place is the Sweet William and it smells divine. That crisp looks so yummy...gotta get to the farmer's market and find some cherries before they're gone for the season. Happy summer, Nines.

Sarah N. said...

The cherry crisp looks yummy!!

Please try to keep Lisa out of trouble - I know that is a full time job!

Headed to nashville today to retrieve my kids from my MIL on Monday - and then will spend the week with mom and dad. So all that means another week of no sewing for me. But me and mom are planning on a b-day trip to Bowling Green to hit a fabric store (Whittle's Fabric - they are on-line) and have lunch together.

Miss you!