Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Helper...

Dontcha just wish you had a happy helper like mine? She is such a joy to work with- full of happy chatter and nonsense. She faithfully sits by my side as I sew blocks together- string sewing at it's best. She snips them apart and has them in a neat pile, ready to be pressed. And then, get this, she presses. Loves to press. Well who am I to deprive her of such joy? Giggle. While I am topping off my diet coke- which she has fetched for me- she is happily pressing in the correct direction even. So cool.
Right now, we are playing with some log cabin blocks. Here are some of the colors we are using- just strips from the 2" bin. Nothing matching. Completely scrappy. I think we are going to make some 300 flying geese blocks and set them like E. Sloppy in her 40 Fabulous quick cut quilts book. Maybe. I am not the biggest fan of making flying geese- no matter how nifty the newer methods claim to be. But I might get serious about it and buckle down and do it- as I do like how they look.
Got a wedding cake to make. Nothing fancy. But still... a lot of people are counting on me to geterdone. So starting no later than Tuesday next week, I'll be in bakery mode. Something ironic about a diabetic baking and icing a wedding cake...


Peni said...

That is not ironic my dear, it is insane...but love you for it! Wish I could ocme and help.

Love your helper, too. Could I borrow her a while????

Sarah N. said...

Is the cake for sweet Bethany? So happy for her!

I wish I could find me a sewing assistant like that. We got her started young - remember when her and Ian would scoot around on their backsides under the quilting machine - picking up all the threads and dust bunnies.

I have spent the evening getting the foundation pieces ready to make a small quilt like this: . Me and mom are hoping to have a sewing day in a couple of weeks when we are back up there. You are welcome to come!

Good luck with the cake - make sure to post pictures!

Isobel said...

You are so lucky to have one who likes to iron. When I was that age I ironed..not because I liked it but because I was the oldest of 4 girls. I am thinking that perhaps that is why I don't like to iron to this day...I do it but I don't have to like it, right?

Annie said...

That sweet smile put a happy grin on my face. Lovely child!

: )