Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jacob's Feast...
This is Jacob. He is 17 and quite a character. In the best sort of way. Jacob is very sociable. He is just as comfortable with an 8 month old as he is with an 80 year old. He isn't gabby, but he likes to visit with people. Talking, listening, and laughing. Jacob is an avid outdoorsman. He is going cold weather hiking and camping, next week. Without a tent. He has a survivalist mentality. If stranded on a desert island, I am pretty sure he would take another person with him- to visit with and eventually use as a food source. He is very creative but in a 3-diminsional sort of way. This is one of the knives he made. Jacob is one of the best songleaders I have ever seen- and no, I am not prejudice;) Coffee is a passion of his and he would someday like to open his own coffee shop. Oh I just love him to peices!
Jacob's feast had a waffle house theme. He had orange wedges and assorted muffins for his appetizer. Blueberry, lemon poppyseed, apple cinnamon, and banana walnut. He had two drinks- orange juice and Jones Soda. His main course was dinner waffles made with sausage and cheddar cheese served with sausage gravy and hash browns. He then had dessert waffles that you could stuff with vanilla ctream and the fruit of your choice. Strawberries, cherry, blueberries. And of course whipped cream for the top. His gift to the other children was the waffle maker that he made all the waffles with. I never saw so many children so miserably full!
That ends our feast season. We had such a grand time. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Lisa said...

WOW!!!! Not a good meal for the diabetic but WOW!!!!!!! Mr Wildlife cracks me up. Love him!

Peni said...

Gorgeous Guy! And one of the best song leaders I've ever known, too.

Any leftovers? Waffles sound perfect...

Thanks for sharing.

Darcie said...

He MADE that knife! Made. Created. Ohmyheavens! That is one bea-u-ti-ful piece of cutlery! Really.

(I don't think that quilt behind a certain handsome young man ever looked quite so...handsome.)

Jacob's feast sounds heavenly. Did he come up with that version for *dinner* waffles all by his lonesome? That sounds grand. Sounds like an entree that would be a perfect special in a coffee shop-someday-to-be. Mmm-mm-m.

Love and hugs to you, my sweet girl!

julieQ said...

Wow!! I want a knife handmade by your son...does he sell them? I love your feast days!!