Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Officially Spring...

Of course, we don't actually believe it-usually snows even in April. But there are warm days- and not so warm days. Which certainly makes one appreciate the ones that are warm. Does that make any sense? I am sure I could make that sentence more concise if I were so inclined. Can't say that I am. Now aren't I just the little rebel? Cabin fever. Yeah, I'll blame it on that. Nothing to do with me just being bratty.

Aren't my Spring blooms pretty? Jonquils and lilacs. Two of my favorites. (Of course, I would be hard pressed to say which flower would not be one of my favorite.... I guess gladiolas- 'cause my Aunt Karen always said they reminded her of funerals. I've never seen them grown here, anyway- too windy.) This wreath has been the sum total of my creativity- and yet I am feeling pretty proud of myself. I have been wanting one for some time- they always cheer me up but, wow, can they be expensive- if you want a pretty one. The cheapest I could find was $25 and only had half the flowers I used. Mine came to a grand total of $12- grapevine wreath included. With leftover flowers and greenery to boot. The ribbon was one I already had- from a gift basket sent by my Aunt Isobel. You know, I have some pretty spectacular aunts. She and Aunt Patsy got me a Kindle- all for being sick. That almost made it worth it. Maybe more than almost. I figure I have read nearly a dozen books in the one week that I have had it.

My little sickness is an infection in my mastoid. It's the bone behind the ear. Kinda wraps up and around it. How this happens or how long it takes to happen... or more importantly, how long it takes to get rid of the infection- I have no idea. This is my fifth week on antibiotics. Some so strong that my skin is coming off in big sheets. TMI? And ya know what? The ache is still there. Not as bad as it once was, so in this, I am extremely grateful. Maybe, just maybe, my body's immunities will kick in and I'll be... free. Well, one has to have hope. As an insulin-dependant diabetic, it is more of a challenge. But I have been so very good with my control that honestly, there is nothing more that I can do. It's in God's hands, as everything is, and I know that I am learning a lot from this- otherwise, what would be the point?

I did try to sew a few weeks ago- my arms shook and I broke out into a sweat. And bugger it all, the block came out too large. I copied the directions down wrong- 1/2" is NOT the same as 1/4". No way, no how. Ah well. A block for my nubbin box.

Hope everyone is enjoying a touch of Spring. So sorry Darcie! You will get yours, eventually. You are always warm in my thoughts!


Peni said...

Officially - the wreath is just as good as any one could be. How cheerful! Glad you're feeling a bit better at least...know you're weary of feeling ill. Love you so, Mama

Darcie said...

You sweetheart. I'm so sorry that you're not well. Uck...that is one nasty area to have an infection. (There certainly is not a good area...but that would have to be one of the most sensitive, I'm thinking.)

You're always in my thoughts...but now, even more so! I will be sending you warm positive thoughts, Spring or no Spring.

Love and hugs to you, my dear!

PS. Oh heavens! You are just not going to believe this! My word veri: coughers. How crazy!!!

<3 U!

Isobel said...

Well that Kindle was partly because you were sick and partly just because we wanted you to have it.

That wreath looks like something Kathy would have two must share creative genes.

I am with you on the flowers. My daffodils are in full bloom now but will be gone hoo.

Isobel said...

Check out my Maryland Mama site to see my pretty flowers.

anne bebbington said...

Poor you - being ill is bad enough, but trying to regulate your levels at the same time - just sending you (((hugs))) and hoping the antibiotics do the trick x x x

ps the wreath is lovely :)