Monday, September 19, 2005

Power in Quilts
I spent the weekend with 410 women at a retreat that used quilts as their theme. You know, topics like, "Life is like a Crazy quilt." and, "Using the materials you're given." There were donated quilts that were auctioned off to help with scholarships for women who couldn't otherwise afford to attend, and I think we all had a great time. At the end of the second day, we had a show and tell for those women who wanted to share a quilt with the other ladies. I was amazed to see how emotional each of them became as they described their labor of love in making a quilt for a grandchild or dear friend or an ailing elderly person. These were tangible gifts of love. One after the other, they would approach the podium and their voices would crack and they would be overcome as they spoke of their loved one and I thought that the old saying is so true- "Those who sleep under a quilt, sleep under a blanket of love." There were even those who shared quilts that someone had made for them and you could see how honored and humbled they were by these gifts. It inspires me to unselfishly share in what small talents I have, because I am sure that not one of these ladies cared that all the seams weren't perfectly sewn or that all the points weren't perfectly matched. This is truly one instance where, it's the thought that counts, and there is no way you can spend the quantity of time that it takes to craft a quilt and not think long and hard on the recipient- even if it is an unknown one. Maybe I get caught up sometimes in the colors and the designs of quilts, but I should never lose sight of the significance of this simple handiwork. Where else can you make some one feel cherished and special with each stitch you sew?

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