Monday, September 12, 2005

The sun shines in my quilting room and I wanted to share this picture.My friend, Sarah, assures me that this will work, but I am struggling with entering the 20th century- much less the21st! Posting pictures is very technical business for a simple girl like me! You might think that I would do well to have been born 100 years ago, but please don't wish that on me! I love my rotary cutter way too much! And while hand quilting is lovely, tedious tasks are beyond my patience!


Sarah said...

You are entering the 29th century? I never knew you were so far ahead of your time! The picture looks funny - can't tell what it is. Pull up your blog page and check it out. Call me if you need help.

Three days and counting!

Love, sarah

Finn said...

Hey, a new quilter in town..welcome ! Sarah is so special and I'm so happy she's here. I know she'll help ya with the picture part. It's not so bad once you do it a few times. I look forward to seeing your quilts..*VBS*

Leah S said...

Very beautiful quilt! Enjoy the long arm system... I'm still waiting for the "someday" that I'll get mine. :)