Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sunrise in Georgia Skies...

My brother took this picture with two of his sons, and when they saw it on the computer monitor, they said,"Well, it looked WAY better than that!" Life is like that sometimes. Actually being there does add another dimension, but I think it is a great picture. When I first opened it, I thought, "I'd like to make a quilt like that." Now you know how compulsive I am. Maybe a bargello or a color wash. In creamy yellow, golds and oranges. And soft reds, burgundies and browns, with splashes of bright light and even smoky blues and teales... What colors do you see? My mother-in-law is an artist and she always surprises me by the colors she sees in a simple sky. She always puts lots of pink in her skies and they look...right.

We have beautiful sunsets here in Indiana. I am rarely up for the sunrise (and not in the mood to take in beauty at that hour,) but the sunsets are phenominal. You see, I come from a land of no sunrises and no sunsets. In The West Virginia mountains, I never remember such a thing. And no wind. Here the skies more than make up for the lack of spectacular scenery on the ground, while the wind is always blowing, always changing those same skies. My father can't believe I am happy here- as the mountains are the only place he feels at home, but there is something so honest here about the openness. I don't feel pinned in. I remember my sister and I getting up at 5am to see a sunrise because we had heard on the radio that the time for the sunrise was 5:30am. Well, we still giggle over that one, as the sun didn't show it's face until after 9:30am! We lived in a "holler."

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Sarah said...

Nines -

Pretty sunset. Are you surviving Hurricane Doris?

Miss you!

Love, Sarah