Sunday, October 09, 2005

Some samples of our day bleach resisting...

This is sample that was folded like a fan and the creases sprayed with the bleach solution. It is one of my favorite effects. Notice the variation in colors.

This next sample was made using some maple leaves. The original color of the fabric was a bright turquoise.

These last pictures are of my brilliant students and just a few of their incredible bleach resists. Didn't they do great? I am so proud of them! And I think they were pretty pleased with themselves!


Sarah said...

Nines -

I knew you would do a wonderful job! I am sure the ladies had as much fun as you did! Wish I could have been there too! If I make it up there next summer, you should get Tonya to let you teach some sort of class while I am there!

Miss you !

Finn said...

Love the dye resist process..really great results. Think I will have to try it..*G*

Dawn said...

Oh their fabrics came out great!