Sunday, November 27, 2005

Camoflage doesn't seem to work in the livingroom...
I can still see them, can you? These are just a few of the men in my life. DS Joe, DH Bill, DS Dan, and DS Jacob. For some reason, which they have tried to explain to me, but have somehow failed to convey, they love getting up at 2:30am and standing in the bitter cold all day. Sometimes they bring home some meat. DS Dan(14y) is one of those naturals who always brings home something to put in the freezer. On his first hunt when he was 12, he got a 10 point buck. Joe(15y) is laid back and just loves getting out in nature and I never hear him complain that he hasn't bagged anything, yet. He is always game to go, so he is still hopeful. This was DS Jake's(12y) first year, and he was just thrilled somebody got something. He loves smoked venison. Dan got a small buck, this year and glory, glory, they skinned it and processed all the meat themselves!! I can't tell you what a milestone this is!! And they loved it. I don't know who is more thrilled- them or me. They got to "play" with sharp knives and I got to sleep in. It was good all around. (It started as a rough day and just kinda kept rolling in that direction. First, it was very cold the night before, and that brings in the critters. Mouse chewed through the electric cord to the fridge/freezer. A simple solution with a handyman husband, but when water started spewing out all over the kitchen from the dishwasher-new- even he was stumped. Turns out the mouse was hungry and chewed through the drain hose. Can you believe that? When you live in the middle of nowhere, I guess you look like an easy target to the little furry creatures. I'll share my skunk in the house! story some time. Well, DH was sick, so it would have to wait until he got to the hardware store. Not a big problem. DS Joe cleaned up the mess- did I mention what an angel he is? Unfortunately, some one accidently closed the door to the dishwasher, which starts it automatically. Another big mess.... And I started work on quilting a quilt of Sarah's and messed up. It wasn't so much a mess up as I just wasn't feelin it. I don't care for darker thread than fabric. It looks like someone drew on the quilt. But I was running low on the color I preferred... Should have just skipped it, ordered the new thread and waited. Instead I got to spend three hours picking stitching out. Not my favorite pastime. But I love Sarah, so it was worth it. I just don't know how to quilt her quilt. I'll post a picture of it and get your opinion. Thus ended my...difficult... day. )


Sarah said...

Cute picture of some of 'da boys! how about a picture of Abe?

As far as the quilt goes, if the feathers aren't working well in the open spaces, do whatever feels good to you. I know you are going to hate that answer. That top is too big to go on my machine so its up to you, girlfriend! Do you have any good pantos? I know how you love those!

Not sure why you are giddy that I am home - unless its because now you can come see me! That would be a great xmas gift!

How is your dad doing?

Love, Sarah

Darcie said...

Oh Nines...what a day! Darned varmints!

But those guys! What a great picture and stories to go with...don't they just make you smile, even on a rough day?!


Finn said...

Great lookin' guys Nines, I'm sure they warm your can just see the love shining in their eyes as they look at the camera! Congrats on meat in the freezer..*VBS*
Can't help you on the quilt..which is beautiful Sarah, absolutely NO idea what you could do...sorry..*S*

Dawn said...

Don't you hate days like that. But the sleeping in part sounds heavenly!

That is a great picture of the guys. You need to blow that one up and frame it. It is just so "family" happy.