Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dear Hubby here... I don't have much time but my better half wanted me to update all concerned with her Father's condition. The doctors did a triple bypass procedure Monday a.m. and two of them failed. They went in and replaced those two again Monday evening. After two good days, he is progressing well. My Better Half says he is off about 80% of everything they had hooked up to him. We thank everyone for your kind thoughts, prayers, and wishes. The recovery road is long, but looks like things are going well. My Sweet wife will be gone at least a few more days, probably longer because help will be needed for quite a while. So please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers if you don't mind.

I mentioned I didn't have much time. That's because, for reasons I won't try to defend or explain, but seemed logical at the time I had the kids each pick out their own box of cookies for a treat the other day at Wal-mart. We have great kids (mostly of Nina's doing), but they have been so rowdy lately... I hadn't read Nines blog about me watching the kids til today... just another proof of how well that beautiful woman knows me, and how much I need her! Sugar bunnies....I'll remember that next time... DH


Sharon said...

All I can say is "WHEW!" Here's praying that the last 20% of the trip to being unhooked goes very smoothly and quickly.

Tonya R said...

You're a brave man for venturing into our blogging world. Thanks for the update.

Lucy said...

Thanks that you will let us know how nines is doing with her dad. I have had a year after me with taking care of my dad. he have had cancer in his intestine, stomach and liver. With a miracle it is all gone now !!! But I know from experience how Nines needs her husband , to take care of the family . You are doing so well!!

Darcie said...

Dear Hubby and Dear Wifey,

Sounds like you're both pretty terrific people and parents.

And DH...don't feel too badly about the box of cookies for each of your kids...there's worse things for them.


Finn said...

Thanks for the update DH, will keep the prayers and petitions get to forget cookies next time..*S* Hugs and prayers for all, Finn

Dawn said...

WOW what a man! My husband would never blog for me! I'm sure you have wonderful sugar bunnies! Go ahead, let them sugar it up!

And my thoughts are with all of you! Tell Nina we miss her, but we are glad she is with her dad.