Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"Honey!" I holler up the stairs, "Can you come down and take a look at something for me?"
I hear him hop up out of his recliner with an amazing amount of zest for a man who has worked hard all day. "Yeah," he says, "I sure hope that was "code" for something..." "ummm... well, it could be, but can you come and look at a quilt layout for me first." giggle. See how desperate I am when I have to ask a man for an opinion on a quilt. Somehow, he seems like the desperate one, now don't he? I'm working on a quilt for my cousin Alex, who is in his first year of college. His older brother, Nicholas, was our ringbearer in our wedding. Now don't I feel old? Well, they are going to York University in Pennsylvania. Do you think there is any relation to York Peppermint Patties? Hmmm. I can see I'll have to do some googling. At any rate, their school colors are green and white. I made a bear paw for Nicholas and now I am trying to get something together for Alex. It would have been nice to have gotten it done by high school graduation, but, well, I've never managed that and I'd hate for people to say I play favorites. And if I did play favorites these two young men would be at the top of my list. So.... what do you think? Is it guyish enough? I still need to add several more rows to make it big enough, but that was all the room I had on the floor as the other side of the quilting machine was already taken by another UFQ! But that's another story...


Finn said...

I like it!! Very guy I think..and looks quick to do also. Good color choices, but then I love scrappy...LOL

Darcie said...

Your work-in-progress is to die for, Nines!!! I love it...and pretty sure your guy will too. All of the men that I know -- well, OK...the three that I've made quilts for -- love strong geometric patterns!