Thursday, December 01, 2005

Abraham... The snaggle-tooth

Somebody is playing in the quilting room...
And it's me, it's me!! Weeee! I am making a wallhanging for DD Eva. She drew me the most amazing picture and I'm attempting to replicate it in fabric. So far, so good. I'll show when I finish. But what a mess! I have projects exploding all over the room and I have decided that is how I like it!Sarah's quilt is coming along nicely- I only spent one hour removing stitches, today. Hey, that's progress. I came to the conclusion that the reason I didn't like the feather meander I started with was because the scale was all wrong. Her pieces are only 1 1/2" wide so I needed to small it down. Now I like. But then, I tried a little something different in the darker areas- thought Bonnie had a good idea there, but what I tried was a little too casual... so picked it all out and will try again, tomorrow. Once I decide what I am doing, really, it's all fun. I am still fiddling with the jacket fabric that I am making. And then there is the quilt I am still trying to finish for my cousin. I have all the blocks together and all the rows together- just need to join the rows. How hard is that? Yet, I'm not inspired to do that just now. I am wanting to spell a word via Tonya. Rejoice. Thought that would be nice for the season. And then, Jenny had a piece of artwork posted a few weeks ago and I wanted to try to make a quilt like it. It was huge blocks of color, different sizes, set very randomly. It was in autumn colors. Do you remember that one? Well, it was cool. Then the feasts began, today.

A few years ago, we started a new tradition where each child prepares a feast for the family. I was aiming for the season to mean more than just Xmas day and presents. Because the really valuable things in life aren't things. What matters are people and experiences. They can't remember what they got for Xmas last year, but they will always remember the wonderful times we had, together. I borrowed the idea, loosely, from Esther and her feasts. At the end of November we draw names for the order that they will go in and then for the month of December, we have about two feasts a week. That's eight kids. The menus are secret. No one else is allowed into the kitchen while the preparations are being made. They pick out simple gifts to give their "guests" and decorate the table- or the room. It sounds like a lot of work, but we try to keep it simple and according to each kids' skills. When all things are ready, they call for their guests to come into the feast. The kids ooo and ahh over the pretty table and all the good smells. Bill reads a short scripture and talks with the kids about it. Then the "host" serves everybody. We have the best time doing this. Tonight was Abraham's feast. He's two. Grandmother always asks what they fixed. He had chicken nuggets, french fries. He made Jello jigglers and sliced some cheese to go with crackers and grapes. I fixed a Texas sheet cake for dessert. He gave the kids each their own Xmas pencil and eraser. You should have seen the look on his face when he invited them in. He was so proud of himself. When it came time to serve the other kids, he'd give them a grape and then, take one for himself. He was stuffed before he ever got his chicken! I helped him cut out the pictures from some of last years Xmas cards to use as place markers. We look forward to this all year. The older kids plan what they are going to do, months in advance. It is amazing what some of them come up with. Bill is always trying to top the kids- he gets Xmas Eve and I get Xmas day. Last year, he strung huge pine boughs from the kitchen ceiling- I have beams, so he could do that. Then he strung little lights in them. He covered all the counters with boughs so that it felt like you were having a midnight picnic in the woods on a starry night. I can't imagine how he'll top that one.


Sarah said...

HHHMMMM! What would I like you to help me cook? Some homemade noodles. Some taco shells! Some of your cinnamon roll bisquit thingys! Are you seeing a theme? Maybe carbs? I really miss coming to your house and having lunch and sewing! I am so glad my quilt is not stressing you out!

Love you!

P.S. - Please give snaggle-tooth boy a kiss for me!

JudyL said...

What a wonderful "tradition" with each child preparing a feast for the family. That is so neat!

Judy L.

Samantha said...

What a fantastic tradition!!!!!!!! Oooh, may I borrow it?

Finn said...

Love the idea Nines..good for you for trying to make it more than society has condenced it down the grapes part...what a sweetie he must be..*VBS*

Bonnie said...

Too cool for words, and how memorable! Do they give you the grocery list ahead of time so you have on hand what they want to 'serve'?? I think this is a great idea!


Tracey said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE that grin!! :oD

Lucy said...

hi nines... I saw your snaggletooth wonder and I thought I have one too :c) . I was looking for your email to show you . but can't find it. Now I post her at my blog.

I love your tradition. a good idea.

Darcie said...

Oh Nines! You are one AMAZING woman...from the re-creation of your daughter's the sharing of your *pristine* studio...all the way to the chicken nuggets!!! It all brought joyful tears swelling in my eyes! ;-)

Oh...I must are/have an AMAZING family! It's no wonder that Sarah misses you so.

Thanks for sharing!!!

Elizabeth said...

Nina -- you do have a wonderful family. I'm glad you're my daughter's friend. God bless you all!

love, Betty

P.S. How's your dad doing?

Dawn said...

Oh I love your story about your feasts tradition! That is so wonderful! What a great idea!

Can't wait to see your daughters artwork turned into a quilt!