Saturday, December 24, 2005

John's feast...
This is John, also known as Jack. He's 9. Last, but certainly not least of the kids' feasts. John stays on the walking wounded list. His mouth is always busted and his teeth, well, the dentist really likes Jack. He has braces in his future- as soon as he gets his cap put back on- for the umpteenth time. He had shaved ice with rootbeer over it. Then he had lots of flavored crackers and that funky cheese in a can. Kids loved that. Then he had a great salad- mom has to suggest that salad would be nice or none of the boys would even think of it. Pizza- he made with Chef Boyardee- and you know? It was really very good- we put our own cheese and toppings on them. He served ice cream or sherbet in cones with chocolate chip cookies. Only a kid would think that ice cream sounds good in December. Well, we did have a warm day and I think it got up to nearly freezing. His gift was "screamer balloons"- have you ever seen those? They are about 4 feet long, and after you blow them up, you release them and they scream around the room. How annoying is that? But they kids loved them and they were so... John, that I couldn't say no.

I can't even tell you how much these special evenings mean to us. We have a very long, narrow kitchen table- reminds me of the one Finn described in her old home. DH made it for us the week we moved into our old farm house. Or first meal on it was Thanksgiving- 6 years ago. How righteous was that? It is 8 feet long and only about 28" across. Bill and I sit in the middle, together, on one of the long sides. And as I sit there by the light of candles and Christmas lights and I look down the length of that table at all of these beautiful smiling faces, oh, how could my heart be anything but filled with such joy that I can't express. I think that sometimes people believe that things need to be perfect in order for them to be truly happy. Newsflash for 'em. Life will never be perfect- not here. And as my Aunt June says, "Those hard times make such sweet memories." So, life is sweet. Bittersweet at times, but sweet nonetheless. And I'm gonna soak it all up!


Tropical Screamer said...

Blessing to you and your family.

Thank you for sharing your life with your readers. Hugs to each one of your lucky children.

(And I don't have any 2-inch strips either. Maybe our strips crawl off and find tubs of their buddies.)

Aloha and Merry Christmas.

Elizabeth said...

Nina -- you are a wonderful woman. I hope you and your family have a blessed holiday -- actually it sounds like you already have! I love you --

Sarah said...

Nines -

Wish I was there to enjoy a meal around your table. They are always such fun. I would even eat deer stroganoff just to be with you! Wish we could have another Thanksgiving meal all together like we did a few years ago. That was such fun. Call me after you open your presents! We will be home until Monday and then you can reach me on my cell.

Love you more than polka dots!