Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Cup of Tea...

How come we say, " a piece of cake" when we are describing something easy? Why don't we say, " a cup of tea?" I've made a few cakes in my time and not one has been as easy to accomplish as a cup of tea. And I really love tea. Just a nice black tea- maybe orange pekoe. Nothing fancy. I know green tea is supposed to be extra good for you and now it's white tea that has lots of purported anti-oxidants... but it just seems watered-down and weak. Tazo has a nice herbal selection that has a bite. But a round Irish tea or a sharp English breakfast tea... now that's just plain lovely. (That's the word my 4-year old used to describe the quilt I had laying on the sewing room floor, today. "It's lovely!" What 4-year old talks like that? Apparently, mine. And the quilt is anything but lovely- very loud pink and kelly-green wool in hound's tooth. yikes! But bright. and pink.) I especially like loose-leaf tea- then I get to use this adorable tea ball a friend got for me. Sadly, Po-dunk, Indiana is not a Mecca of tea lovers, so the bagged stuff is what I settle for. My Uncle Paul would say, "It's like drinking Pepsi through a straw." I'll let your imagination fill in the blanks about what he was originally referring to. No, I will not explain. You have to know my Uncle Paul.

Had a trying day, today. Could use a cup of tea. Love that line from My Fair Lady. "Cup-cup-cup-cup-of-of-of-of-cup-cup-cup-cup-of-of-of-of..Cuppa tay." With Eliza's mouth full of marbles... It's nearly midnight, so I'll have to settle for the Tazo, Wild Sweet Orange. Tastes like a cross between a pine tree and an orange peel. But no caffeine. Supposed to make me feel like I'm in a market in Marrakesh...sigh. We put my mother-in-law in the hospital, today. Some of you may know that we take care of her in our home. She has lots of medical issues- gives a whole new dimension to the saying, "She's got issues." We are hoping that they'll be able to find ways we can deal with them a little more successfully. Then she will be moved to a respite care center for a week or so while they implement her new regimen of medications. Feels weird to be in the house, without her.

We also saw our daughter's neurologist, today. She apparently has "a very small spot on her brain, and we need our friends at Riley to take a look at her." It wasn't bad news, just... not really good news, either. And I'm just really tired. Funny thing, the imaging center that did her MRI called and asked if they could take her picture and use her on their advertising posters. She drew them a picture and apparently they were quite taken with her. She doesn't know a stranger and loves to give gifts. And she treats everybody like family.

On the quilting front, I've absolutely lost the tenuous grasp I had on my sanity. I'm sick, that's all there is to it. I'll have to ask the doc if there is a way to fix me. I am finding it completely impossible to stick to any one thing. And I am starting new projects like I have all the time in the world to work on them, or like I don't have a thousand things already in the hopper. What is wrong with me??? I'm driving myself crazy. I have worked on no less than six different quilts, this past week. It's not that I'm not finding any solace or satisfaction in each of the individual projects with which I'm working, but my minding is flying in a hundred different directions, and to tell the truth, I'm afraid to let it settle. What'll it find? Yikes! Giggle. Reminds me of a manic phase of a manic- depressive- only I'm not really have any fun. giggle. I guess you all are going to, now, know how crazy I am - if you were ever in any doubt.

So, here I am, peacefully sewing along on my memorial quilt for the coal miners and I'm struck by a song playing on the stereo. (I love music and I'm not very picky about what I listen to- although I have to agree with Tonya R., Shania Twain? Not so much and Faith Hill? I just wish she'd quit screaming.) Anyway, the song was going something like, "You've got bones in your closet, you've got ghosts in your town, you're running scared 'cause you know they're out there, just waitin' for the sun to go down." And I'm in my quilting room and I'm thinkin', "You've got no idea, buster...." And it occurs to me that this would make a great quilt. Drag out the bones from my closet and put them all together in one horrendous quilt and make Tonya's letters in the border "You've got bones in your closet..." Now what do you think? So I drag out all the blocks I've done- small quilts I never finished and know I never will and spiffy them up with a bit of Kona black... and add a skull (Tonya, now don't laugh! I was going for a sweet, cuddly bone-head and ended up with "Skeletor!") and maybe some bones in the border- even found a "sunset" which was a half of a pumpkin- now laying on it's side. Well, the "bones" will be in the light of day soon, I hope. You can kinda see it coming together in the upper left-hand corner. (Sarah, I'm sorry about adding two of your blocks to this montage of woe-begotten peieces, but you know I'll never make two more to go with them...)Yes, I know Darcie is gonna be shakin' her head and saying,"That girl needs a shrink!" and Bonnie is gonna say a Margarita might work, but I don't drink and the shrink? Well, maybe this could be termed "occupational therapy"...


Tonya R said...

You hang in there, Nina. You've got some very good reasons for feeling scattered. Hope the docs figure out what the spot is - its really sweet they loved Eva's picture.
I love tea too. Prob too much. I drink somewhere between 6 to 8 cups of English Breakfast Tea a day. I shouldn't say cups - giant mugs more like. Sorry you can't easily find your loose tea.
If you want to feel like you're in Marrakesh you need mint tea. Lots of fresh mint in a cup along with regular black tea, add sugar if needed - it's delicious.
Hey - I knew that was a skull right away and I squealed with delight. There was no laughing involved. You did a GREAT job and I love it. Hope working on this orphans quilt allows you to focus on one project while at the same time doing lots of different things.
I need another cuppa now. You take care - I'm thinking the bestest of thoughts for you and your family.

Sarah said...

Girlfriend - I wish I was there to give you a big hug. ANd then I would take you out for red pepper chicken and let you blab to your hearts content. And then I would steal that tea cup from the picture!

When are you going to Riley? Let me know if you need me and I'll be on the next plane - inlike certain un-named family memebers who obviously need to be asked more than once!

I love you more than polka dots!


Tracey said...

Wow. Lots going on is an understatement. I just commend you for drinking the tea UNspiked!

I love what you're doing with your 'bones' though!

Prayers for you. ((HUGS))

cher said...

I would gladly send you some loose tea-we have some nice tea shops here. I think your bones quilt is a stroke of genius! and of course I recognized the skull right off-it is great when you can take a line from a song and get such great inspiration and results..you go girl. holding good thoughts for you and your family.

Laurie Ann said...

Brilliant idea with the "bones" quilt! Many brilliant folks are technically insane, so this could work for you. Just kiddin ... sending good thoughts for you and your family. I am off to have a cuppa tea in your honor! Love Laurie Ann

Laura said...

Send good wishes your way that all comes out well with the family! I love, love, love the idea of the bones quilt!

Finn said...

Hugs and fresh hot water for everything Nines...I think you are doing wonderfully, given the amount that is happening.

Love your skull..it startled me when the page loaded, but then I saw all those wonderful orphans just lying there..how could you not want to make things better for them. Bones in(or out) of the closet is a great idea.

Sometimes OVER THE EDGE is the very best way to go. Having just finished a year and half of riding an out of control rollercoaster, hanging on for dear life, and praying for a good outcome..you've got my friendship, love, shoulder, support, prayers and more orphans if you want or need them. Hugs, Finn
P.S. have you plugged your tea desire into a search engine? I found what I was looking for that way..*S*

JudyL said...

Nina, except for your mother-in-law and your daughter, that is the funniest post I have read in ages!

I'm a Dr. Pepper addict and I've been trying to switch to drinking tea. I think I'd do better drinking maple syrup . . it's the sugar I need.

Can you try to stick with that bones quilt til you get it done? I'd love to see it finished.

Judy L.

christine said...

know vaguely ho you feel, all scattered and afraid to stop for any one thing.

that pretty much describes my anxiety/depression sometimes (although now we are supposed to call it BiPolar disorder now)

shame you are only usning orphan blocks on the FABULOUS quilt though.....I could arrange a BOX of blocks, no problem

Holly said...

Oooh, I love how your quilt is coming along and will look forward to seeing the bones'nstuff. How clever. Sounds like you have alot going on there. Hope you get to unwind at your folks'.

Darcie said...

Sweetheart, you know I'd never shake my head at you!!!

You've got so much going on in your life and with your loved ones. That's why you're starting so many different quilts that are going in different directions. Each one gives you the sanity and *just-work-through-it-edness* (I know that isn't proper grammar...I just couldn't think of the word that I was trying to think of...now who needs a shrink???) that you need at that given moment. No reason at all to feel badly. And if you don't finish them, who cares!

Your precious Eva. I pray that your doctors will soon know how to treat her. And really, it's them that will be treated by her. She's a gem.

Now please tell me: How can I make a tasty cup of tea? The only one that's been tasty enough for me to drink to the last drop, was one that I had at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN...at a funky little tea place. I'd love to appreciate a cup of tea around the nighttime hours.