Friday, January 06, 2006

Shopping at Hobby Lobby...
I was amused by Sarah's blog about her latest trip to Hobby Lobby. I felt like I was shopping with her. Hmm... shopping and friends. Now that's a good combination. Apparently, I was shopping while she was blogging. I had only discovered Hobby Lobby fabric about a month ago. Their prices are similiar to quilt shop prices, and as I work in a quilt shop, I couldn't figure why someone would choose to not support a local business. But then, I caught a load of their clearance prices. It is great, quality fabric, and you can get it for $2, $3, and $5 a yard. There is no way a quilt shop can compete with those kind of discounts. I bought 7 yards of the blue floral- guess I'll have enough to back the blue and yellow P/A blossom, and still have some to share with some one I know who loves blue. The yellow is also Sarah's, 2 yards. And the blue... Well, it is a bit bright for Sarah, but I'll happily share if she wants some. The batik I got at the quilt shop to put in the borders of my P/A blossom. No, silly, not the blue one but the bright batik one.

My efforts to accomplish the big 4 s's have been stymmied, lately. We have had house guests for 2 weeks. We have enjoyed their company, but I am about to drop- and I know the kids are exhausted as well. My DH's sister is married to a college professor, so they spend their breaks in our neck of the woods. They do have a house only one mile down the road, but the children insist on spending every moment together. (they have 6 and we have 8- you do the math. It's noisy, any way you look at it.) Summer is a long way away for a kid. Seems a while off to this old mama, too. Bill's grandmother had an amusing saying, "Fish and company stink after three days!" Isn't that a hoot? She also had another one , "When you start smelling yourself, other people have been smelling you for three days!" I think she had a limit of three days for just about everything! But she really was the most patient woman I ever knew. And never an unkind thing to say about anyone. She wouldn't even dream of criticizing the devil. Really. Bill's BIL taught a sermon on Satan, one Sunday, and "Baba" says, "Oh the devil... he's made my life difficult sometimes. Not that I hold it against him. That's his job." She was a very cool lady. I did get side-tracked there, didn't I? Back to the big S's...

There's been a lack of sewing- now that is really sad. I'm just not myself if I can't get a little machine time in. Then there's schooling- I'm not really behind as the children were sitting around the tree on Xmas eve doing math. I had no intention that they do school, but well, they were contentedly doing it, so who am I to stop forward progress? And then there is our normal, daily schedule- shot to peices. Schedules are always open to change, but it really does help to maintain some type of order with a family this size. And the last is sitting- well, if I'm not sitting, then I'm not sewing, so they kinda go together... Oh, and I've thought of another one- socializing! I don't think I have read more than two blogs in all this time!! I feel so out of touch, it's awful. So, after this post I am going surfing, to visit all of my Maverick friends! It'll probably take two weeks just to get through them all!!! See ya!


Sarah said...

OOHHH! OOOHHH! OOOOHHH! I love all of them! Hope you survived your houseguests! I know the kids are having a blast - but just remember - they leave today!!!! Enjoyed our talk the other day. Glad I can be here for you to dump on! That's what Kindred spirits are for!

Love, Sarah

Tropical Screamer said...

I'm exhaustedjust reading your post.

It's easy to see all the love and what a happy house you have. I'd be hiding somewhere, though, with earphones on. ;)

Hope you get sewing time soon. That material is beautiful.


Frances said...

some lovely fabrics thanks for sharing,
your grandmother-in-law's sayings made me laugh and I must remember them, thanks again,
when the children are grown and left the nest you will wonder at how quickly the time went, my eldest will be forty in March seems like yesterday he was a baby, enjoy your children as you do, you can still sew when they are grown,

Darcie said...

Oh Nines...hope you're able to Sit and Sew and li-Sten (ha!) to the Silence now, SiSter.

How-S that for SSS-eS!!!

I'm way behind with my blogging friends, too. I'm feeling out-of-sorts because I'm blogging away right now. And besides, I was working away just moments ago with my machine...and my NEW hook assembly?...well, I gotta re-time it again with Dearest One's help...I JUST BUSTED A NEEDLE!!! Guess we didn't do as good of job as we thought we did!!!

Oh, sorry. Guess I felt the need to undload to someone who cares! And knows! (Thanks!)