Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Yo-yo's. and I'm not referring to dieting...
I'm sure Darcie could come up with some adorable pun using the word, yo-yo. Lucy, do they make yo-yo "quilts" in Holland? They are really more of a coverlet- not at all practical- but very pretty all the same. Of course, they could be considered practical if you are trying to use up a stash. I first ran into a yo-yo coverlet about 10 years ago. A friend of mine had bought one in Texas- 1940 era one. I believe her DH paid $3,000 for it. They were real collectors. It was lovely, with on-point "blocks" and "sashing" in that funky medicine green that was so popular back then. She had used it on her bed for several years and it needed some attention, so she asked me to mend it. It was a very pleasant task, sitting there repairing something to it's former beauty. But I did suggest that she relegate it to the guest room after this- or at least, remove it from the bed before story time with DD. They can be rather fragile. The one in the above picture is one I made for one of my babies and I am in the process- an on-again off-again project, of making a queen-size one. I have lots of old-fashioned calicos that an Aunt gave me- it's more of the color that you see- not the pattern on the fabric. I'll use muslin yo-yo's for the sashing. I have about three gallons of yo-yo's already made. A healthy start but still a long way to go.

Feelin' a little bummed, today, that I let life get in the way of my planned nervous breakdown. Or rather, I let a little thing like house guests prevent me from taking my well-deserved break. see? Break. Breakdown. Not so very different from each other, I'm thinking. Only, one is voluntary and the other... well, maybe even house guests couldn't have kept me from it. sigh. Do you girls ever get over to the Island Screamer, Island Dreamer blog? I tell you, Darilyn always gets me to relax- she is a very serene person- never heard a whisper of a scream from her. It's like a little aromatherapy session- without the aroma. You can hear the birds in the palm trees, see the sun shining on the walls, the cat's purring and the air-conditioning is humming along. Ahhh. If you haven't visited over there, you should. Her quilts are way cool, too.

DD Eva had an EEG, yesterday. I know what EEG stands for now. Wonder if I can spell it? Electroencephalogram. Something doesn't look right there. Oh well, it went extremely well. She has been experiencing what she calls "trances." The neurologist smiled when he heard her call it that. She just checks out sometimes. The lights are on but you can tell no one is home. Lately, she has been adding some movement to her little "vacations" so we thought we had better see what's up. But you know how when you finally take the car to the garage because it is making this strange noise and you pull into the parking lot and, mysteriously and maddeningly (how many siffixes can you add to a word?) the noise stops. So you pull out of the garage and it starts again. The mechanic looks at you like you're some kind of engine hypochondriac... So, I was afraid that if we went into this test to see what's going on with Eva that she wouldn't have a seizure and the doctor would be looking at me like I was some kind of... well, you get the picture. But she did so great- not that I'm happy she's having seizures, mind you, but I'd like them to see what we are up against. She had one before they could get her up on to the bed. She must have had 20 while the test was being done. And they found out that she is having 2 different kinds, which explains the newer movements. They were so sweet to Eva and very sympathetic. They explained everything- instead of making me wait until her Dr. appt in 2 weeks. But I can tell you, it was very unsettling to see the fireworks going off in her sweet little head. I knew she was having these spells, but seeing it in hard, cold evidence... They called the neurologist while we were still in there and he prescribed an anti- seizure medication. I googled and decided I'd give it to her, but I'll be insisting he do some more tests to rule out what it might not be.

All in all, I'm a wee bit on the tired of thinking plane of existence. So.. I"ve decided to do some laundry and pack up some boxes and maybe, if I can manage not to nag, gently nudge my sweet, darling, Dear Husband to carry out the shedding Xmas tree that has stood nude in the living room for an entirely inappropriate length of time. And yes, I'm packing, but I'm not moving. It occurred to me last night- while I should have been sleeping- that if each person in this house brings just one object into it a week, that's about 40 things a month or 480 things a year!!! And I even multiplied that in my aching head. What's the chances we only bring in 1 item per week? Slim. So we are accumulating a lot of junk!!!! And then it gets difficult to live around all that stuff. Picking up takes so much longer than it should, so... time to pack it up and move it out. Slowly. In a very relaxed and calm manner. I can almost hear the birds singing in the palms...


Sarah said...

Nines -
I wish I was there to give you a HUGE hug! Girl - if anyone deserves a break(down) you do! Please give Eva a bunch of kisses for me and tell her I love her.
Call me if you need an ear!

Love, Sarah

Tropical Screamer said...

Love and hugs to you and Eva.

Wish I could wrap you up in a cloud and pull you here for just a couple of hours. I'll do the next best thing and think of you throughout the day and send good thoughts to you.

Write me directly if it will help. Our family faced several health and developmental challenges that I don't write about online out of respect for everyone's privacy.

But I can offer you an understanding ear anytime you need one.


Lucy said...

Hi nines.. I understand you are going through a hard time. I think of you both !

you aske dme if we heard of YoYo quilts here. Yes, we do! But I have never seen one made . I know they were a hot in the 70's

Sandra said...

All the best for your DD now that they have found out what's wrong. This too shall pass. My aunty used to make the yo-yos - they are very pretty - but it's one of those patterns I know I'll never make. In fact, I'm not sure if I've ever made a yoyo in my entire life LOL.

Tonya R said...

Sorry about the fireworks in Eva's brain. I'm sure the doctors will work out a solution. Thinking happy, peaceful thoughts for you.

Darcie said...

Dear little much more than quilts going on in her mind, isn't there. Thank the Lord that you've caught it and will be able to doctor with her. Keep us posted, Nines. We'll keep our prayers going.

So glad that you have friends--whether blogger or otherwise--that you can travel away with for a short respite.

I know this may be a bit *off*... but sometimes when I need just some ME know what feels really good? Lying in a sun tanning bed. No kidding. It is so warm...and I can take the most relaxing naps in such a short time. It really feels good. (I'm nuts, I know!)

The yo-yo's are darling. I went through quite a yo-yo *diet* a few years back...even made a vest. And a shudder to admit...I *outgrew* it (my kids hate it when I were quilty things!)...and gave it to the second hand store. Mercy me!

Frances said...

oh my your getting a down pour no wonder your ready to break, yet we seem to find strength, glad you got some good doctors for Eva, praying for her and Ben, bless them,

quiltingly, in britain yo-yo's are called suffolk puffs, like your quilt,