Monday, February 20, 2006

Ah, just wanted to see if you were awake. Mr. Bones was in desperate need of neck vertabrae the last time he poked his head out the closet. So I just free-hand cut them, appliqued them on, and I think he looks ever so much more stable now, don't you? Won't be long and he'll be ready to entertain guests.


Peni said...

I'm awake. And Mr. Bones gets more adorable with every stroke of ... dare I say ... genius. Yes, I think genius is the right word. Hope you're sleeping in this morning. Guess I'll wait awhile to call and check on waist sizes...I made some very cute skirts this weekend!

Sharon said...

How graphic of Mr. Bones! LOL! Love seeing the progress here, too.

Tonya R said...

Love the zig-zag quilt and it looks great in the girls room. Glad Eva is doing well. Love the freehand bones - wheee that's gonna be a fun quilt top.

I can most definitely not use ugly fabric. I just don't know why I sometimes buy it without realizing quite how ugly it is.