Friday, March 03, 2006

The universal language. I met the Goodwill Ambassador to Poland, yesterday. Actually she's a nurse at the hospital where my MIL is staying. She gave my DH a bonbon, and he, being the sweetheart that he is, saved it for me. Actually, York peppermint patties are about as exoctic as he gets when it comes to chocolate. But he is still a sweetheart. The candy was by a Polish candy-making company called Meisko. Man oh man oh MAN!!! Was it good. I couldn't quite put my finger on flavor of the creamy center... very rich. My goodwill toward Poland has grown by leaps and bounds. So, of course I had to track down the nurse. Of course. She was a doll and had the loveliest accent. Her sister sends her the candies, and she shares so she doesn't eat them all- and to let the world know that Poland makes very fine candy. Very FINE candy. The unusual flavor might have been the vodka... Oh, guys, it really was lovely. Alas, she said that it couldn't be bought here in the states. Now I took that as a personal challenge, but I'm afraid she might be right. I did find a Canadian importer, but they don't send to the states. Ask me how I ascertained this when their website was entirely in Polish. Well, I can recognize the word Praliny z Advocatem when I see it! And one of the ladies there speaks very good English. But now all my hopes are dashed. sniff. The Lindt chocolate- Swiss, made in France- is decent. My sister loves it, but then she is a big fan of Cuban coffee. Splutter, splutter, cough, cough. It is the one chocolate that I can leave out on my desk without fear that the little people will snitch it. Oh, they might try a nibble, but it will be promptly returned to it's rightful package.

The sewing and quilting activities have been severely squelched around here. A sad state of affairs. I have started working on my grandmother's flower garden, again. 9 blocks, so far. I have one more cut out and then it's time to find more fabric. No, no, please don't pity me because I have to go fabric shopping. It's such a trial, but one I'll bear up under, no doubt. Now if the shopping trip involves lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant... well, such is life. Sarah, why must you live in Alabama? Sarah sent me a notice that the quilt shop, Needles, is for sale, so I pressume they are closing and wanting to reduce inventory... That involves a little road trip. Maybe I'll need to visit the tea room, instead of Chinese...hmmm.


Laurie Ann said...

I love the Lindt milk chocolate truffles. They are so creamy and awesome!! Be brave, I know you can be strong and face the quilt store! :)

Finn said...

Hugs, hugs, hugs for the hardship of the shopping...sigh..but someone must do it..and YOU are elected..*G* Great job tracking down imfo on that chocolate..maybe a trip ot Poland???
It does sound wonderful. Friend Betsy brought me a candy bar from Poland(Chezk Republic she reminds me) last was yommy, but not what you are describing..*VBS*
Maybe someday it can be imported.

Can we see a pic of your flowers??

Sarah said...

Think of me if you end up at the Cabaage Rose. And enjoy a cashew chicken salad sandwich while dreaming of our summer retreat! Only three+ months to go!

Missing you!


Anonymous said...

Euro Deli in Colonie (Albany, NY) sells Mieszko bonbons, including the advocat flavor.