Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, Evie...

Eva is 7. She and Bek are still at the age where they like being very helpful. I was thrilled when Eva volunteered to snip the threads between my chained blocks. While she clipped, I sewed. It was a great partnership. She wants a bike for her birthday and it made me cry because she wasn't really to be trusted on a bike before(or with snips)- with seizures, it isn't a real good idea. But now, she is able to do some of those normal kids' stuff. Isn't that just wonderful? I am so thankful. She added corndogs and chicken nuggets to the menu- oh, and strawberries that you dip in choclate and strawberry dacqueries. Yep, I think they like strawberries.


Isobel said...

What beautiful kids. Now these are my kind of girls--there has to be something really special about a person who likes strawberries that much. I buy then when they are "2 for" or 'buy one get one free" during the winter. I am the only one here who eats them. So that they won't spoil before I eat them all, I slice them and sprinkle Splenda on them. The big bowl lasts me most of the week and I don't lose a single strawberry but I don't imagine that any would be wasted in your house.

teelduo said...

Happy Birthday Eva!
I love you!

Can I have a strawberry? That will make me two if Beka cooperates too.

aunt Lisa

Peni said...

My sweet Evie!!! There's a sweetness about her that shines right through. I can just feel her concentrating on those snips!


Darcie said...

Oh Nines, your daughters are just so prescious! I could just squeeze them both. Please give both Bekah and Evie happy birthday hugs from your ND friend!

Strawberries! Delightful!

I do hope that Eva can look forward to riding her own bike soon.

Hugs to you!

Samantha said...

Happy birthday to Evie as well!

So nice that they are such happy, close sisters!

cher said...

yummy strawberries-these girls have great taste in fruit! and both look so beautiful..I hope they have the happiest of birthdays!