Friday, March 24, 2006

Multiple personalities...
Wouldn't it be strange if weird projects kept popping up in your quilting room? Things that you know, without a shadow of a doubt, you would never, ever have started. I'm tellin' ya, this happens to me. Ok, true, I have some foggy recollection of having had something to do with it. I faintly recall starting these baskets because... oh, yes, that's right, I like to applique. Good a reason as any. What I don't recall, is that I got all of the handles done. And I suppose they have been sitting on the shelf for... 3, 4 years? Yeah. But homespun? I'm feeling a bit nauseous. And I didn't remember that each basket is supposed to be surrounded by itty, bitty little half square triangles. That would compensate for the rather dull, plain basket, eh? Uhuh. It ain't happenin' in my lifetime. What to do? I spent 30 minutes and pieced all the baskets together, which my other personality was kind enough to have already cut out for me. Then I thought, since we seemed to be having a moment of open communication, "WHY?" She just shrugged her shoulders and said that she wanted cherries on the baskets because she wanted to applique cherries in the borders and she looked and looked and never could find any she liked- had her heart set on something Asian-looking and so she finally settled for thimbleberries- which looks more like currants, I said. She shrugs her shoulders and says that's why it ended up in homespuns. See what happens when you settle? It's a slippery slope my friends.


Peni said...

Hate to tell you, honey, but the incline of that slope increases in direct proportion to age...along with the likelihood you will not ever recall your closest alter-ego's name.....sigh.

Remind me not to settle.

Darcie said...'re just too funny...all two (or is there more?) of you!!!

The baskets are darling...slope or no slope!

Tropical Screamer said...

This happens all the time to be with writing.

Dear Husband used to laugh when I was proofreading and I'd say, "Wow, that's really well written." And then I'd say, "When did I write that?" LOL.

Are you a Gemini?

I've always blamed my "other" half. But as Peni said, there are times now when I can't remember her name.

Thanks for a great post.

cher said...

those baskets are quite sweet-glad you came up with a is often a time of "what were we thinking" ?? alright.

Finn said...

I could conclude that you must have had a VERY interesting week. The baskets are neat...what will you put with them? Love the free form of "just because I can" *VBS* I think we all need to remember that.

Sarah said...

I remember when you were working on those baskets. You were not so bright and flamboyant as you are now!

Made it to DC. Still trying to figure out who wants to be sick while we are here. So far it is just SIL! We went to Mt Vernon today. Maddie is still coughing but is feeling MUCH better.


Lucy said...

Great baskets ! Whta size are they . you shoul finishe them :c)

Dawn said...

Oh they are cute!