Thursday, March 09, 2006

Red For Oe...

My great grandmother's name was Oe Miller. My Mom( ) and Aunt Isobel( ) have been strolling down memory lane, this week, so I thought I'd contribute a little from my own "stash." This eight-pointed star is one that Oe made and I love it. I am noticing all the water marks on it and I'm thinkin' the next time I visit my mom, I'll have to wrestle that thing into the tub with a bit of ivory snow and Biz. My mom's neck bothers her, so I wouldn't want her to mess with a wet quilt, by hand, but it is really too fragile to machine wash. The fabrics are a very loose weave. I love the string work in the stars. My mom says that Oe was particularly fond of red. It is a cheerful color. My only memory of her is her sitting on the porch in a rocker and her hair hung in braids past her hips. And it was still blonde. My thanks to DS Daniel who held up an entire parade of quilts for me to photograph- no easy feat on the ole arms.

Still a no-go on the quilting front. I did get 3 GM flower garden blocks done, yesterday. Normally, I only get one done a day, but I spent a good bit of time in Dr. offices, yesterday. (Just routine stuff for kiddos with allergies and then the nursing home with Bill's mom. She was having a not so good day.) My fingers are raw, I'll need to take a break for a day or two. I've tried thimbles, but that just seems to sends signals to my brain, "Now that you have a thimble on that finger, hold it clear out of the way!" Bandaids send the same signal. I do have a a quilt on the frame... but I'm just not inspired and I say, "Nope, not today." Needless to say, not a lot is going to be accomplished that way. I did get a book on "altered" book making and I'm having fun looking it over and trying a few of her techniques. Well, I need to make this brief as it is uber-windy, today and that just reeks havoc with my modem connection. Hope everyone is finding their own inspiration.


Tropical Screamer said...

What a great quilt. And I'll go visit your Mom and Aunt's sites, too.

I can't wear thimbles either. I've tried every kind that I could find. I also can't wear bandaids.

I took a week or two off quilting and literally got a hole on the tip of my middle finger on my right hand when I started again. The needle found that spot every single stitch. I managed to cut a little, tiny square of tape that I could leave on until the finger healed.


cher said...

I am another non thimble user-I last about 2 hours hand quilting then my fingers are done. What a wonderful family quilt you have-I like red too :-)

Bonnie said...

I love the string star! Especially how she planned it so that the same fabric went around the center of each diamond making a circle in the star.....great quilt! I am just as fond of red as Oe is!!


Peni said...

Your uber-wind made it this way tonight. Thanks for the pictures of Grandma's quilt. Imagine my delight when Aunt Carrie handed it over to me out of the "homestead" closet! I loved hanging on the oak Barn posts, but alas was afraid it would gather too much wood smoke to live there long. You're welcome to the Biz-ness.

Miss you. Mom

Darcie said...

What a great quilt! Oe would be thrilled that you're sharing it with us!

Just think what the Mavericks of yesterday and us Mavericks of today would have to talk about...and do together.

And the whole love for the color red? So far, I haven't met too many Mavericks that do not share a fondness to red. Do you think there is such a thing?!

So glad that you're able to do some handwork while in the doc's office. Sort of brings a slight calming to a person, doesn't it?

And you know what? Don't worry about that quilt on the frame, Nina. It's just not speaking to you right will...and then you'll be able to sing with that needle!

Isobel said...

Thanks for sharing that quilt. I have one of Grandma's quilts which I will photograph for you when I get my rod on the wall as planned. I have no one here tall enough to hold up a quilt for photographing. I know that Grandma would be pleased that someone who loves quilts as much as you do has one of her quilts.

Holly said...

I always poke my fingers raw, too. Your mom and aunt's sites are awesome! I need to go back and read more.