Saturday, March 18, 2006

What a beautiful, glorious day!!!
I am a sucker for a sunny day! I just feel happy, no matter what. Can't seem to help myself. I woke up to the sun streaming in my window and I can't even remember the last time that happened. The days have been gloomy and wet here for what seems like months. It is still very brisk out-40* and a stiff wind, but sunny, sunny, sunny! The picture was taken in WV, but seeing as how I don't have any sunny pictures from around here, that'll have to do. WV always gets our weather a day later, so I'm pretty sure they'll be in for a pretty day, tomorrow. And don't nice, sunny days help you get all kinds of things done?

  • I finished the quilting on the coal mine quilt. I'm actually happy with it. Hope that'll hold through a rainy day. DH keeps trying to get me to keep it. My mom says she might come and help with the hand-binding of it. Now won't that be nice? They haven't been here in about a year and I am always ready to let some one else do the hand-binding!
  • I got the guest room all cleaned out. This was the room where my MIL was staying, and I have been putting off cleaning it for a couple weeks, now. It is weird knowing that she won't be living with us, anymore. Taking care of her was a challenge, both physically and mentally, and while I am glad to no longer be burdened with that part of it, it still makes me sad. But life goes on, and she might be able to get strong enough to at least come for a short stay. My nephew, Jonathon, is coming for a visit, next week and then my brother is coming for a day, later on, to pick him up. My brother is one of those guys who closely inspects everything- just the kind of person you'd want to build your airplane- which is what he does- but not the kind you'd leave cat hairs hanging from the curtains, around. So all the cat hairs are out- I'll probably be picking them up for the next 50 years.
  • Then I got about 8 loads of laundry done, so far. I know it's a good day when I can squeeze laundry in between all the other things I am doing!
  • Then, I made two loves of banana bread. I found a recipe in a bread book, that comes all the way from Hawaii. Hana Bread. So I had to try it as it reminded me of Darilyn. Sorry, had no macadamia nuts and had to substitute pecans. It is very tasty. Apparently, bananas+whole wheat flour=green bread. A lovely shade of green, though. See? Nothing could spoil my good humor, today. Bill bought me a "new" wheat mill, and it is a just a thrill a minute to see what we can do with it, next.
  • Then, I pinned on Michael's wedding quilt, and I didn't even get nasty when I spliced the batting- something I normally despise doing. Nope. Not this time. I just hummed away. I did have to stop and take a caffeine break as the pain between my shoulder blades was threatening to explode into the same stiff neck I have been struggling with all week. I finally resorted to using the heating pad- Judy's story gave me some pause on that number, but after three straight days of moving around like a robot- ever try to back into a long driveway when you can't turn your head?- I was all over the yard! Thankful to say, I didn't combust with the heating pad and it did seem to help.
  • We found the missing bottle of medicine. Ever read that story in the Bible, "The Kindom of Heaven is like..." and it goes on to tell of this woman who has 10 gold pieces but loses 1. She seaches and sweeps and finally finds it. She throws a big party to celebrate that what she had lost is found. I felt like that lady, today. I gave Eva her medicine, two days ago, and then yesterday... it wasn't where I left it. Now this is serious as the meds can't be skipped and cost is about $275 (it was a brand new bottle.) I had enough of a lesser dose pill to combine and give her, but that was going to run out before long, and I needed to find that bottle!! Joseph stayed home from work to help me and after 2 hours of searching we found it- in the sock basket, fer cryin' out loud!

All in all, a great, great day!!


teelduo said...

Thanks for makin' me smile
love and miss you all

Tonya R said...

Glad you're getting to enjoy such a beautiful sunny glorious day. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Isobel said...

Sounds like a wonderful day there. Like you, I just love sunny days, even if I am not going to be outside. I have a wonderful recipe for banana bread that I will send you--actually it is a banana cake--yummy!

cher said...

what a glorious day indeed! love the sunshine photo and the wonderful energy it gave you-nothing beats waking up to sunshine-it always puts a smile on my face too...oh I love the light.

Tropical Screamer said...

We have a sunny day, too, after a day of rain. Isn't blue sky a gift?

Please let me know if I can mail some macadamia nuts to you. (Although I bet your bread was just perfect the way you made it.)

Hugs and sunshine to you.

Holly said...

Sounds like a wonderful, productive day. I'm just happy to hear the birds singing in the morning and that until daylight savings, it's finally light out when I go to work. The sun is yet to come but I *know* what you mean :)