Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Are we sure it's not Monday?
seems like Monday. I'm slow starting and I have loads to do. Here is a picture of the eggs we made with 15 pounds of peanutbutter fudge and 6 pounds of chocolate. The eggs contained about a cup of fudge, each, so they were monster eggs. I'm thinkin' I do everything BIG! So there you go Jane, enjoy. No calories and no fat. When I told my mom what I had done, she asked what I was going to do with them- I could tell she was holding her breath. Like most moms, she's the food police. I'm glad I could allay her fears and that all of the eggs left the house- I kept 2 for the kiddos and yes, I had a nibble and they were quite tasty. Guilty?... no, not really. I have a keychain that says,"I'd stop eating chocolate, but I'm no quitter!"

Are we sure its not Friday?
Feels like Friday. I'm feeling like a celebration and all I want to do is play! Lookee what I found on my sewing table when I got home from work, yesterday!! What fun! And an "I love you" post-it-note on the machine. I guess I can't have any doubts about that one, huh? True love is a new sewing machine... lacks poetry, but I think most of you would agree. This is the Singer 301. It is the big sister to the Featherweight. Doesn't she just look like a big sister? Very buxom. No offense to big sisters everywhere. I needed to swap out the bobbin that came with it, and it works great, now. The cord is needing some attention- might get zapped if I wiggle the cord wrong- but what's a little zapping compared to the joy of sewing?


Peni said...

Oh, I am crushed...I was not policing. In fact, when I told GF about the 15# fudge, I added, "She likely will pass pass it along to lots of folks."

Does the 301 zig or zag? Never too much chocolate or too many sewing machines.

Love you, Mama

Isobel said...

I have faith in you Nina. I know you will not eat more than allowed. In diabetes education class I learned that I can have just about anything I want, just not as much as I want. I bought a bag of Cheetos (my weakness) after I took DH to the oncologist, at about 6 of them and asked him to roll the bag shut and put it out of my reach in the car. He did and the bag is still there.

Dawn said...

MMMMM, I wish one of those eggs would have come my way!!! They look wonderful!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Ooohhh, lucky, lucky you. A Singer 301 is a real treaure - you are going to love this machine, your kids are going to love this machine, your grand kids are going to love this machine, your great grand kids are going to love this machine... and so on and so forth - they just don't die and make perfect stitches! Enjoy!!!



cher said...

I am with Evelyn, a 301 is a gem of a machine-what a perfect I love you present!

April 1930s said...

Congratulations on getting the 301! They truly are fabulous machines! I'm partial to my Featherweight, but the power behind the 301s are unsurpassed. I just started blogging and am kind of starting to like it! :) Like your blog! -April