Thursday, April 13, 2006

Been a "funny" kinda day...
I finally feel like I've caught up on my sleep. We have never changed to this daylight-savings thing, and now that we are stepping up with the rest of the country, I miss that extra hour in the morning! Then, the Chicago quilt show got me up very early and kept me out very late... But this morning I woke up feeling pretty much myself again- didn't hurt that the sun was shining and the weather, warm. Supposed to be thunderstorms and maybe tornadoes, later. Figures.

  • I put two more rows onto Sarah's quillt for our quilt challenge. 6 down and 7 to go. Almost halfway there. I am wanting to get all of the top finished before I go to Florida in a few weeks- that way I'll only have to quilt and bind it when I get home.

  • I should have worked on the two flower girl dresses that I cut out, yesterday, but I didn't. I still need to cut out the lining- acetate- read that, slick as snot and I am not looking forward to it sliding all over the place. Plus, I have two and a half more weeks until they need to get done. All the time in the world, right?

  • Worked a while on binding a quilt for a graduating college student. I have two weeks to finish that, so it shouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, I tried something new. I have heard other people talk about sewing binding on with a quilting machine. Haven't a clue how one would do such a thing. Tried it anyhow... very wavy binding. Oh well, I figure it'll do. Then I realized that I cut a corner off that same binding when I was trimming the quilt- something I usually do before I bind. Oh well, if I pull it tight, I can bridge the gap. More waves.

  • Made a huge dinner and now I am feelin' ill that I ate so much. Sometimes you need to do that- just so you'll remember how lousy it feels. And you won't do it again any time soon.

  • I worked on my "bones" quilt. Now that was fun- in a dysfunctional kinda way. I had all of the letters for the words together. Even had two of the borders of words together. Then, I know I worked longer on one word than I did the entire sentence. It was a 4-letter word. YOUR. Now doesn't that look simple? But I wanted to bend it around the bottom left-hand corner... and that's backwards to my way of thinking. Ugh! I finally got it put together in such a way as I can live with it, not thrilled, but I'm more than willing to settle at this point. I thought I was going to be able to finish all the borders and maybe even put them on. Should have known that today was not a day to finish things. I ran out of Kona black. I have used scads of the stuff. And I am so closed to being "finished!" Ah well.

  • Wanted to take a picture of it to blog, but I am all out of batteries. Been that kinda day. Close to being perfect, just not quite.

  • The picture above is of Wonder Wallets, by Lazygirl. I like her patterns. This little wallet has four pockets and will hold folding money, change, business cards and credit cards. Perfect to put in a jacket pocket when you don't want to carry your purse. A fat quarter makes two. The top one is, of course, Sarah's. They are supposed to have buttons sewn onto the front flap... but I couldn't find my button box... See? Been that kinda day. Funny.


Darcie said...

Love your little Lazy Girl wallets. I have a couple of her patterns, but haven't made any. How silly is that!

Your day sounds like many of my days. So much to little time. Actually, I think I may have Adult ADD or something. Nah...there's just so much to little time! ;-)

And are these little dresses for your daughters? Can we see?

Lucy said...

I love your wallets !! and how you describe your day :c)

Sarah said...

I have that green polka dot fabric! It is in a pile of greens that I was going to make a YBR out of but haven't gotten around to yet. I agree with Darcie - when you get the girls' dresses done, we need to se them in them! Your day sound like you need a nap! I am headed that way as soon as Maddie comes home from school. Me and Ian spent the morning "clearing a path" in his room! Almost there - but got started putting away winter clothes -sorting out what needs to be returned to who. What a pain! But cheaper that having to buy him all new clothes!

Miss you! Counting the days until June!

Tonya R said...

Sorry you had one of those days. But now you've had it and it's out of the way so you can have marvelous, fun, productive days. Can't wait to see the Bones

Tropical Screamer said...

Hey Nines.

I'm awake, too. :)

I hope you're asleep by now.


Dawn said...

OOO - I like the wallets! I've been playing with the idea of trying to find a pattern and make one. I may have to try this one then!