Thursday, April 06, 2006

or bumping, the bothersome beebees are buggin' the buggers outta me...

Been running a bit this past couple of weeks and when I'm not home much, I start to make mental lists... Lists of things that I'm gonna do when I'm home for more than 2 consecutive hours. Things like laundry and baking and blogging and quilting- and not necessarily in that order. But then, the problem arises when I'm finally home and I'm too pooped to tackle the list. Told my Mom I was having a difficult time focusing... she asked if I were bouncing from one thing to another and I said, "Nope, more like a dull bump." I haven't the energy to bounce.

Eva has made radio and television commercials over the past week. For those of you who may think that I'm some kinda crazy Hollywood mom, just let me say that this is a once in a lifetime- mine- occurrence, and it is mainly as a favor for any other children who have concerns about getting MRI's or CAT scans. It doesn't hurt a bit and that's what Evabeth wanted to let others know. Eva had a blast. This is a picture of her when we returned home after the last day of shooting. She wanted Grandmother to see her "butterflies." None in her tummy. Boo went with us for the radio and photo shoot. When they decided to take a break, and offered the girls some chocolate milk, Eva says that Mom can't have any, "because she's on a diet." I get the look-over, you know what I mean, and I'm sure they're thinking, "Yep, some crazy Hollywood mom trying to look like a teeny-bopper." And I roll my eyes and consider explaining... when Boo pipes up, loud and clear, "Mom has beebees 'cause her pancakes don't work." It was a painful moment of silence as they stood there looking at me in complete which all I could do was start rolling laughing, and making them even more certain that I'm a crazed Hollywood mom.

The Kansas troubles are put together for my Aunt Eva who has been asking for a quilt for a number of years. This is the second one I've started. Seems to be a cursed project. I ran out of the soft turquoise fabric when I really needed two more blocks. Bummer. Decided to put it together anyway. Do you think it'll be alright even if it isn't balanced? It measures 50"x65" as it is, now. I have a little bolder turquoise and brown which I plan on piecing into another 5" border of triangles. I can't even tell you how many triangle points I whacked off in this little project... might be easier to figure out how many triangles are actually left! Technically, if a triangle has more than 3 sides... it isn't a triangle any longer, eh? The alternate blocks are made of a Japanese fabric that is regrettably striped, but that's what I do- stripes, paisley, waves and plaids all in the same quilt top. But I think the scale is ok, so it doesn't bother me. Wonder if Aunt Eva will feel the same.

Oh, and I didn't explain about the beebees to the TV guys. But I will to you. I have diabetes because my pancreas doesn't work. I do NOT have beebees because my pancakes don't work. There are some things a 5 year old really just cannot understand, eh Benjamin?


Sarah said...

Tell Boo that I agree with her! Beebees because your pancakes don't work is much easier to understand than diabetes! Eva looks great! No more dark circles under her eyes. Did you ever accomplish anything today? After I got off the phone with you I went to bed for a few hours. Now that Maddie is home maybe I will sit and sew for a few minutes. Or another nap sounds good too!

Love you and thanks again for the phone call today!

Love you! Sarah

Peni said...

Evie looks GREAT and so does the quilt top. Aunt Eva will love it, I'm sure.

GF got a tremendous kick out of the BB story. How can anything so funny be such a p-a-i-n??? I like the b-b-b-b-b-b title, too.

Love you. Sure you won't let me make those dresses for my girls?

teelduo said...

Boo can do the explaining for Ben too. teeheeheehee

Carolyn said...

What a great story...aren't kids wonderfully creative? The quilt looks fine and Eva looks beautiful. I'm glad she's doing so well!

Isobel said...

Thanks to Boo for a wonderful explanation. I really can't use that explanation. My pancakes still work, but not very well and this body is so old that it has sort of forgotten just what to do with that good stuff the pancakes produce. Now I know that Nina will be able to decipher this even if others cannot.

Rosanne said...

Thanks for the laugh (and the explanation) about the beebees...I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

Tropical Screamer said...

I started laughing when I read "beebees." I knew right away what she meant.

And your daughter is beautiful.

The quilt looks terrific to me. How could anyone not love it? What beautiful colors.


ForestJane said...

What a cutie! Both the quilt AND the little model... :)

Thanks for sharing the story! It was great. You'll have to type it up and save it till they're easily embarassed teenagers. lol

Darcie said...

Oh goodness, Nina. Your Eva is so precious! I'm sure she'll melt the hearts of all who watch (and hear) the commercials.

I'm glad you shared the quilt with us. I'm thinking that Aunt Eva probably would rather you share it with someone...from...North Dakota perhaps!!! LOL Just joking. She'll love it for certain!

And the Beebees. Oh, forgive me. I'm still cracking up! I know it's not a disease to joke about...your children are so sweet. And I'm so glad that you choose to share things like that with them. Even though they may not pronounce things correctly, it's important -- I feel -- for kids not to be excluded.

So cute! Pancakes.... I'm alone today...I can laugh 'til my side hurts!

Hugs to you, you Starstruck Mom, you!!! ;-)

Tonya R said...

Sorry to hear about your beebees and pancakes not working so well. No worries about the quilt tho - it looks good as is.

Sharon said...

I'm certain that the quilt will be fine - remember that running out of fabric on a project is not a disaster - it's just another design opportunity! LOL!

Thanks for the bb's story - I'll share it with mom for a nice laugh cause she's got bb's too!