Thursday, July 13, 2006

Summer afternoon,
summer afternoon...

two of the most beautiful words in the English language. ~Emmerson, maybe...

Probably, no one enjoys the warm days of summer as much as a child. I never remember feeling miserably hot when I was young. It's just more hours of sun and play time. This is Boo. I love how everything on her is moving- but her sweet smiling face. We have been to WV and back. Both of my brothers and my sister were all there- and all of their families. I lost count after 25. We "camped." Had a good time, bittersweet, and now I am home with the aftermath. Sniffles from allergies- no place worse that WV- all the vegetation and dust, and bug bites. Chiggers. Mosquitoes. And wet laundry from the little ones playing in the creek. And this awful ache in my heart after seeing my DH kiss my dad goodbye on the neck, knowing I might never see that again. But we are rebounding. And it is such a beautiful place. 30+ acres of woods and hills and meadows. The one night we spent in the woods, oh, you should have heard the birds trilling and singing- like a sound track of an Amazon movie- it was really beautiful. Unfortunately, Evabeth was a bit of a sissy girl and after a 1 hour nap, decided to keep me up until 2:30am- when we decided that it was Daddy's turn to say 5,000 times- "It's only a tree branch falling." and "Deer can't unzip tents." and "They're more scared of you than you are of them." And my personal favorite, "Would Daddy be sleeping so soundly if you were in danger?" We spent the other two nights in the barn.

On the quilting front... My Dad liked his purple quilt, and even my Mom liked it and didn't act a bit offended that I was adding another color to her decor. I'll post a picture. I showed my DSis-il how to do a basic Stack and Whack- and I cut 36 blocks out for her. She had 18 of them sewn together before I left. She had a very pretty black and pink Asian-inspired fabric. I picked up 3 quilt tops from my Mom- to quilt for her. She said there was no rush, she just feels less guilt about starting another one, if her bins are empty. hmmmm.... I've lost count of how many quilt tops of hers that I have in my bins... yes, I feel guilty about not getting them done sooner. BUT... I have big plans to work on them. Really. I have turned down 2 separate quilting jobs in the first 24 hours that I have been home. Bill did a double take and pats me on the leg and says, quite enthusiastically, "Good for you!" He knows how hard it is for me to turn that kind of thing down, but I'm a little burned out with deadlines. And especially so when I have so many other things going on. And they wanted both quilts- well, one by the end of this month and one by the end of next month. I just don't want to live that way! My Dad is really not doing well, and it was hard to be there knowing that you very well might not be seeing him again, like that. And it got me to thinking, that there are people that I love, really love, that I'd rather be making quilts for- rather than, wouldn't it be nice to make a quilt for so and so. I'm not saying it isn't a sleep-deprived thought, I'm just saying that I'm feeling a need to make a few quilts for those very special people and I am not feeling so inclined for people that, yes, I like, but not like that.

So, I'm off to make a big pot a soup for my sweet children. and maybe some rolls. Then maybe some puttering in the garden, that always cheers me up. And then, maybe, I'll sneak off to the quilting room...


Screen Door said...

It's never easy leaving loved ones behind. That's the tough part about being the kid that lives far away. Stock up on memories to hold you over till the next time you see them. Your Mom sounds like a neat lady. Pull some weeds in the garden for me. Remember the world is alot smaller than it use to be. Technology, even snail mail, allows you to communicate more. Make the time--- you won't regret it.
Blue skies,

Rae said...

I am so lucky to have my mom right downstairs from me. But DH's mom lives way up north in the WA. So I know how it must pain you and your DH to have your folks so far away.
Your heart is so right. Follow it and make those quilts for loved ones that get put off for "another time". I am so glad that I have gotten quilts done for my Mom and DM-i-l. Also that my Dad had his own quilt which he kept close to him for that last year while he rehabed after his stroke and at home.

Peni said...

My beautiful Boo!!!!

If you want I can take back quilt tops and store them out of sight downstairs. I certainly do not want you to feel guilty or rushed...they're there with you to fill in a gap ONLY when it suits you. I've had my fun, let the rest be yours.

I do like the purple in Dad's quilt - a lot.

Your sniffles may be a cold...I'm beginning to join the ranks with scratchy throat and sniffles today.

Bittersweet indeed. Can we hold tight to the sweet? Dad says you worry too much (with a little trace of denial).

It was a great time for us!

Love you so, Mom

Darcie said...

I'm so glad you're back, Nines! My www is not the same when you're away!

What a darling pic of Beka-Boo! I think it deserves a printing out and a matting! Way artsy! (Kiddos are the best subject matter, are they not!)

Your words about your Dad bring tears to my eyes. Wish you could be closer to him...and your Mom. But I'm sure that your parents cherish every moment that you're able to be with them...and also cherish the moments that you're being a wonderful Mom and wife so many miles away.

Hurray for you being able to use the letters N and O all in one word!!! And please do not ever feel badly. There are lots of quilters out there...and only one're getting the picture, I know!

Thanks for sharing your WV adventures! Are you journaling all of it?

Sue said...

That is a great picture, I just love how kids can just shine like that, wish mine were still little!

Tracey said...

Oh Nines...I hadn't realized that your dad wasn't doing well. I thought things were really going good after his surgery last year. I'm so sorry. Prayers for his health to imporove.

Lucy said...

Your daughter is so Beautiful ..
This picture is great . I can see the great time she have in her eyes!

I know what you mean about your dad! You never know what is comming. maybe you see him again ! really.

ForestJane said...

What a super picture of your daughter. :) I agree, frame it, print it on fabric, it'll be a nice memory of the time you just spent with family.

Tonya R said...

Sorry to hear about your dad. Glad you're going to spend your time working on projects that are important to you and the ones you love.