Friday, August 18, 2006

It's the font size, dummy!

If I type in the smallest, most infinitessimal size... Maybe that will blog small enough to actually fit on a page. I have had the font actually overlap itself. On a normal size setting. Blogging loses it's blush when you feel like you have to drag the thing along with you! Ok, it's me being dragged, but it ain't nice.
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computerpeach said...

I looked at your code and tried to see where the problem was - but couldnt (if you fixed it that is why). If you havn't touched your template in a while, let me know and I can dig deeper if you would like.

computerpeach said...

I lied. I just figured it out. Look for:

#main {
padding:50px 0 20px;

in your template. See where it says "font-size:85%;" you can play with it until you get a size you like better. Or - for a pixel-spefic size - change to "font-size: 12px;" without the quotes.

Hope that helps.

Judy said...

I was going to tell you just what Peach did. I used the blue DOTS template and my writing was even smaller than yours!! I went in and changed it to 110% I think as my size!